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Lab Dual Plunger Melt Spinning Machine DW7090G

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DW7090G Lab Dual Plunger Melt Spinning Machine is ideal

for simulating site production in small batch production trials.

It mainly used to carry out the melt spinning of polypropylene,

polyester, polyamide and other special materials with plunger

metering system.


Application of  Lab Dual Plunger Melt Spinning Machine

DW7090G  Lab Dual Plunger Melt Spinning Machine is ideal for simulating site production in small batch production trials. It mainly used to carry out the melt spinning of polypropylene, polyester, polyamide and other special materials with plunger metering system.

Two feeding screws are driven by the worm gear drive structure to push the raw material into the plunger barrel. The plunger barrel is in the heating state. In the process of slowly pushing the raw material, it will be heated in the plunger barrel and become a molten state. Finally, the fiber is ejected from the spinneret, which is a spinning equipment completed by the winding device.

The spun fiber can be direct wound onto the winding roll or passes through coagulating bath (optional), heat stretching (optional), relax hot setting (optional) and then be wound onto the winding roll.


Description Of  Lab Dual Plunger Melt Spinning Machine

  1. Raw material enters the plunger cylinder after weighing;
  2. The plunger cylinder is driven by servo motor, which can accurately measure and control the flow.
  3. PC remote control, interface display: extrusion speed, winding speed, temperature display all necessary alarms and signals;
  4. PID automatic temperature control and three-stage program temperature control
  5. The material temperature is monitored in Real time and the wall temperature is controlled
  6. Stainless steel and more generous appearance

Key specification

Key specification of  Lab Dual Plunger Melt Spinning Machine

1.      Plunger cylinder body
material: SUS630 surface nitriding treatment
inner diameter of cylinder: 40mm
length: 300mm
design pressure: 5Mpa
2. Heating system parameters of raw materials:
heating power: 2000w
the controllable temperature range 0 ~ 450 ℃
heating method, Ceramic heat loop
temperature control precision ±0.5℃



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