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Wet Spinning Machine for Spinning Process DW7091A

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Wet Spinning Machine ,is suit for Fibers and polymers wet spinning. It use wet spinning style to prepare Spinning Process . various chemical fiber materials including long and short fibers .
such as alginate fiber, polyester, polypropylene, vinylon, aramid fiber, acrylic fiber, polyvinyl chloride fiber, common viscose fiber, Lyocell, MODAL, Tencel, Newcell, chitosan fiber, soybean protein fiber and milk protein fiber.

Wet Spinning Machine DW7091A  

Wet Spinning machine including belows Spinning Process :

Solution tank – Metering pump (with heating) – Filter (with heating) – Gooseneck – Spinneret cap (with filter) – coagulation bath – three rolls drafting (1) – Draft bath — three rolls drafting (2) – skein winding

Follows are features of Wet spinning :

Metering pump:

Real-time collection of melt pressure and temperature data, panel display;

Pressure sensor and temperature sensor are installed inside the metering pump.

Metering pump drive:

Drive by variable frequency gear motor;

Real-time display of motor speed, variable frequency adjustment

Spinning system:

Adopting circulating hot water heating, fast and accurate

Thick 316 stainless steel cylinder to heat material more uniformly.

Security of equipment:

Conspicuous warning messages are set for high temperature and dangerous areas.

Data monitoring control:

The material temperature is monitored in real time

All stainless steel pipe, valve and pressure gauge are used to control air flow;

The temperature control adopts the temperature control meter, PID automatic temperature control, and three-phase program temperature control; of course you can visit our melt spinning machine DW7090A . thus can get Meaning of Spinning and know more about melt spinning


Application of Wet Spinning Machine 

Wet Spinning machine is widely used in textile, material, polymer and other researchfields.

It is used in the teaching and research experiments of new fiber manufacturing, functional fiber development and raw material spinnability.

In order to satisfy the college talent training, improve the level of scientific research and the need of conducting production-teaching-research combination,

After purchase of the equipment will be directly used in textile and garment institute of textile engineering specialty, light engineering, nonwoven materials and engineering, fashion design and engineering of job of undergraduate course teaching, can perform a number of new design and comprehensive experiments

The system will automatically shut down after overloaded;Over-temperature alarm: if the temperature exceeds the alarm temperature, the heating shall be stopped immediately;

Over-pressure alarm, if over-pressure, the drive motor will shut down;Abnormal metering pump speed alarm: Automatic alarm display if not the speed consistent with the set speed.


Wet Spinning Machine Standards

Key specification

Key specification of Wet Spinning Machine 

Solution tank Volume: 2L; Material: 316L
Heating method Circulating hot water heating
Heating power of tank 4kw
Capacity of hot water tank 20L
Gooseneck Material: 316L
Metering pump reduction ratio 1 : 59
Winding speed 10-40m/min
Power supply AC 220V, 50Hz, 6kw
Overall size 850*800*12,000 mm

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Wet Spinning – An Overview

Wet spinning is a kind of solution spinning and belongs to the spinning method of chemical fiber. Depending on the different property of the polymer fiber.

This article contains the definition, process and principle of wet spinning.

3 reviews for Wet Spinning Machine for Spinning Process DW7091A

  1. James Filippello

    Can you tell me the capacity filamentous fiber produce per weight or volume of dissolve polymer?

    • fyi-tester

      In general, our metering pump is 0-15ml/min,winding speed is 0-40m/min, you can caculate according to your spinning process.

  2. James Filippello

    With regards to the metering pump, the brochure says 0.6cc/rev. Is it the same as 0-15ml/min.?

    • fyi-tester

      Yes, it is.

  3. Monique Kova

    What is the difference of the DRY-JET WET Spinning machine from that of just WET Spinning machine? Please advise.

    • fyi-tester

      Nowadays, wet spinning is dry-jet wet spinning, which is to spray silk in the air and solidify in water.
      The pure wet spinning is done by spraying silk in water, it solidifies in water.
      These are related to the spinning process.
      A simple point is the goose neck on the surface or under the surface of the silk spraying.

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