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Lab Cone Winding Machine DW7060H

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Lab Cone Winding Machine, also named Lab Cone Winder or Lab Winding Machine for Yarn Dyeing, is indispensable equipment in our lab ring spinning system, used to change and increase yarn package and also remove defects on yarn, so as to improve the yarn quality.Wind-lab production of staple yarn is used to twine yarn to the line pipe. It is very helpful for education and research institute etc.

Lab Cone Winding Machine DW7060H

DW 7060H Lab Winding Machine is used in lab spinning procedure and lab cop dyeing. It is suitable for education, R&D, widely used in lab.

Follows are features of lab cone winder:

  • It can wind the spun yarn from bobbin plastic tube to cone tube.
  • It is suitable for soft winding & hard winding.
  • It supports uniform control for all the spindles and individual control for each spindle.
  • The uniform control is through touch panel and the individual control is through microcontroller.
  • Driven by brushless DC motor;
  • The winding speed can be adjusted;
  • Each spindle has auto-stop function when yarn breaks;
  • Mini-type design, easy to clean, set and maintain.


Application of Lab Cone Winding Machine

Lab cone winding machine is used to twine yarn to the line pipe. It is very helpful for education and research institute etc.

Particularly, for yarn dyeing, if the bobbin yarn is purchased from market, customer must use loose winding machine to wind the yarn. After the yarn become loose, it can be used for dyeing; after dyeing, if customer want to sell the bobbin yarn to market, tight winding machine must be used to make the bobbin yarn tight, then it can be sold to market. Our lab cone winding machine with normal four spindles having two positions for loose winding and the other two positions for tight winding is essential if customer need to wind the yarn.

If you need more information about Cotton Cone Winding Machine ,please contact us.


Lab Cone Winding Machine standards

Key specification

Key specification of Lab Cone Winding Machine

Spindle number 4 or specify
Speed 100~800m/min, settable
Amplitude 0~30%
Duration 3.0s
Count range 0~999999, settable
Winding angle 5°57′
Power supply AC220V, 50Hz
Dimension 1,590*615*1,450mm(W*D*H)
Net weight 145kg

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