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Electrospinning Machine ET-2535

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Electrospinning Machine, also named Electrospinning Equipment or Electrostatic Spinning Machine which is suitable for different fields in the research and development of electrospinning nanofibers materials. Electrospinning Machine with the touch screen and easy to do testing and get the result quickly.

Electrospinning Machine ET-2535

Electrospinning Machine is mainly relies on high pressure to enrich the charge on the tip of the needle.

Follows are features of electrospinning Equipment

  • 7-inch touch screen control panels, providing highly accurate, instant and wide-range adjustment;
  • Both positive & negative high voltage;
  • Temperature and humidity control to provide reliable and reproducible experimental results;
  • Transparent window for real-time observation of process of electrospinning;
  • Accurately capture of the morphology of “Taylor Cone”;
  • Conjugate electrospinning for continuous fiber assemblies;
  • Electrospinning of over two different solutions for layer-by-layer nanofiber mesh;
  • Coaxial electrospinning for hollow or core-shell nanofibers;


Application of Electrospinning Machine

Electrospinning technique is quite different from the traditional method. The polymer solution or melt is first carried with thousands to thousands of volts of static electricity, and charged polymer droplets are accelerated at the Taylor cone pole of the capillary tube under the effect of electric field forces. When the electric field force is large enough, the polymer droplet overcomes the external tension to form the efflux. In the process of eruption, the fine flow of solvent evaporates or solidifies, and eventually falls on the receiving equipment, forming a similar nonwoven fiber felt. In electrospinning process, the droplets have will be temporary static voltage and in a electric field, thus, when the jet from the end of the capillary to accept the equipment movement, will appear to speed up the phenomenon, and then lead to the stretch in the jet in the electric field.

Electrospinning technique is as a kind of simple and effective to produce electrostatic spinning of nanofibers new processing technology, will be used in biomedical materials, filtration and protective, catalysis, energy, photoelectric, food engineering, cosmetics and other fields.


Electrospinning Machine  standards

Key specification

Key specification of Electrospinning Machine

Voltage Positive voltage range: 0~+50kV
Negative voltage range: 0~-30Kv
Digital display and manually-adjustable
Nozzles Tetragenous nozzle
Metal nozzle
Coaxial nozzle
Syringe pump Speed: 0.001~90mm/min
Adjustable accuracy: 0.001mm/min
Stroke: 0~100mm
Moving device Number of moving:1~9999
Moving speed: 1~500mm/min
Moving stroke:0~300mm
Display mode 7-inch touch screen control panel
Weight Approx. 150kg


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