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Safety Footwear Impact Tester DW9550

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Safety Footwear Impact Tester complies with EN、ANSI、BS、CSA、GBT 20991-2007 regulations. DW9550 safety shoes impact tester impacting the steel toe caps of safety shoes through 100J or 200J power, then observe the shrinkage to value its quality, and ensure users’ safety.


Safety Footwear Impact Tester DW9550 Description

Safety Footwear Impact Tester research and development is based on EN, ANSI, BS, CSA standard. Apply 100J or 200J of kinetic energy to safety footwear and then examine their deformation in order to understand the quality and safety.

Test 3 pairs of shoes as the principle, and record respectively men and women, size, left and right foot, and deformation space, to determine whether it is qualified or not. (Please refer to inspection standards.

work use
22.7 450
work use
22.7 300
work use
22.7 120

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Application of Safety Footwear Impact Testing Machine

Safety Footwear Impact Testing Machine is to detect safety shoes impact resistance performance, and its includes: the power switch, control panel, safety pin, height gauge, cross arm, upper limit sensors, impact head, the shock sensor, secondary prevention device, clamp, speedometer fixed rod, etc., its principle of using the electromagnet to control the impact of ups and downs, and to a certain height impact safety shoes to protect the steel toe head, check to protect the steel toe head damage or deformation, and characterization of safety shoes (head) the degree of impact resistance.

Testing apparatus:the quality of the hammer was (20 ± 0.5) kg, the diameter of the front end of the hammer is(25±0.5)mm,length of the steel bar is(150±0.5)mm. The test shoes (size 25) are same as Safety Shoes

The specimen is placed in the folder of the guide template, arc head end contact the guide template positioning blow place. (Guide template is according to specimen size adjustment impact center).

Lock securing the specimen clamp, the position will not be moved due to the impact.

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Safety Footwear Impact Tester Standard

ISO 20344 (5.4, 5.16)


Some standards might not be the full version; to read the full version for free, write an email to [email protected].
Please contact the administrator to get any violations removed.

Key Specification

Key Specification of Safety Footwear Impact Tester

Working temperature 10℃~35℃
Striker 20±0.2KG
Height of drop striker 1100mm
Impact capacity 200J (EN)
Tip of striker 3±0.1mm(R) (EN)
25.4mm (BS,ANSI)
Power 3∮,AC 380V
Dimension of machine 585×695×1815mm
Dimension of control box 215×190×126mm
Weight 800kg


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