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Schildknecht Flexing Tester DW9631

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Schildknecht Flexing Tester, also named ISO 7854 Coated Fabric Flexing Tester , which is designed to determine the resistance of coated fabrics to damage by repeated flexing, so as to provide reference for improving the fabric.

Schildknecht Flexing Tester DW9631

Schildknecht Flexing Tester is designed to determine the resistance of coated fabrics to damage by flexing due to oscillation at 500 times per minute. It can working with ten samples.  It provided with a resettable electronic counter to record number of cycles.

Follows are Schildknecht Flexing Tester Specification :

  • Compact design, optimized rotating structure and test structure;
  • Equipped with transparent protective cover. The instrument will stop when open the protective cover, not only protecting the safety of the operator, also facilitating the observation;
  • Equipped with emergency stop button to protect the safety of the operator;
  • Samples can be clamped firmly and linkage of 10 working positions greatly improves test efficiency;
  • Highlighted LED digital display number of cycles;
  • Circulation ventilation system can cool the instrument when it is running for a long time.


Application of Schildknecht Flexing Tester

Schildknecht Flexing Tester is used to test the flexure and flexure resistance of coated fabric.

A rectangular coated fabric strip is placed around two opposite cylinders to make the sample cylindrical. One of the cylinders moves back and forth along its axis, causing the coated fabric cylinder to compress and relax alternately, causing folding on the sample. The folding of the coated fabric tube continues until the predetermined number of cycles or samples are significantly damaged.

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Schildknecht Flexing Tester standards

ISO 7854 BS 3424 GB/T 12586

Key specification

Key specification of Schildknecht Flexing Tester

Number of working positions 10
Rotation speed 8.3Hz±0.4Hz(498±24r/min)
Cylinder Outer diameter:
Test track Radius of arc: 460mm
Test stroke 11.7mm±0.35mm
Specimen size 50mm×105mm
Counter 0~9999 times, settable
Power supply AC 220V 50Hz
Dimension 430×550×370mm (W×D×H)
Weight Approx. 35kg


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