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Formaldehyde Content Tester 202SY-II

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Formaldehyde Content Tester is designed to provide fast method to determine formaldehyde content in fabrics garments etc. by spectrophotometer absorbing formaldehyde extraction solution which is colored by acetyl acetone.

Formaldehyde Content Tester 202SY-II

Formaldehyde Content Tester is consisting of main machine and Software control system. It designed conform to ISO14184-1/2, AATCC 112, GB/T 2912.1, GB/T18401 and is a special machine for determining formaldehyde content in textiles.
Follows are Formaldehyde Test in Textile specification :

  • Controlled by PC directly, human-machine interactive dialog operation;
  • Process data by PC automatically, get formaldehyde content F value (mg/kg) directly, get average value after required times, and test result can be printed out by printer;
  • Adopt advance micro processing non-erroneous T/A switch technology, adjust 0%T and 100%T automatically;
  • Use 1200 bar/mm high performance optical grating, high wavelength precision, good monochromaticity, low stray light;
  • Adopt high quality tungsten lamp as light source, high luminous efficiency, long life, low power consume;
  • Calibrate machine according to the ISO standard, analysis discretization error, revise working curve;
  • Complete accessories and acetyl acetone solution.


Application of Formaldehyde Content Tester

Formaldehyde Content Tester is controlled by microcomputer, human-machine interactive dialog operation, putting sample reagent and blank reagent one time in contrast. Through the computer data processing, giving the fabric formaldehyde content F value (mg/kg) directly, getting the average of three measured values automatically and print out the test report, simplifying testing process, maximum avoiding operation error. Adopting advance micro processing non-erroneous T/A switch technology, adjusting 0%T and 100%T automatically.

Calibration method according to the national standard, It automated analysis discretization error, revising working curve.

If you need more information about formaldehyde testing equipment , Please contact with us.


Formaldehyde Content Tester standards

ISO 14184-1/2 AATCC 112


Some standards might not be the full version; to read the full version for free, write an email to [email protected].
Please contact the administrator to get any violations removed.

Key specification

Key specification of Formaldehyde Content Tester

Formaldehyde measuring range 0~500mg/kg
Testing wavelength 412nm
Measuring error ≤5%
Wavelength accuracy ±2nm
Wavelength repeatability 1nm
Spectra bandwidth 4nm
Transparent ratio accuracy ±0.5%T
Stray light Stray light
Stability ≤0.5%T/5min
Power supply 220V, 50Hz, 300W
Weight 17kg


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