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Wrap Reel Machine YG086D/YG086E

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Wrap Reel Machine, also named Wrap Reel Electronic or Yarn Wrap Reel Machine. FYI is one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of Yarn Wrap Reel, devoting to offering cost effective solutions and equipments for various industrial applications.

Wrap Reel Machine YG086D/YG086E   

The Wrap Reel Machine manufactured by FYI based on a diverse range of testing requirements or standards. Engineers available to service machinery overseas. Of course, we also have agents and distributors to assist you timely in over 20 countries around the world.

This yarn wrap reel electronic is designed to produce skeins of yarn of a pre-determined length and number of turns for count and/or strength testing. Complete with yarn package stand and pre-tension device, fitted with pre-determined counter.

Follows are features of wrap reel testing machine

  • Use MCU to control unit, allow numeric programming parameter (such as speed, bobbin number, reel presetting parameters are pre-settable), and auto tracking speed of reel, have two startup model (hard startup, soft startup), all make unit work consistently and stably;
  • Precision DC speed regulating motor with synchromesh belt makes precisely positioning;
  • Numeric speed controlling panel, make unit work consistently and stably;
  • The denier wrap reel have two optional startup mode (hard startup, soft startup), do not break yarn when startup;
  • Electronic limit trips, total rev number and user programmable stops;
  • Closed-loop controlled and speed tracking system, Ensure to keep even speed when Voltage is variable.
  • For more information, you can also visit the website:


Application of Wrap Reel Machine

Wrap Reel Machine is used to produce a skein of yarn of a pre-determined length, which is used to determine the linear density or the breaking strength by the skein method. It also need one Yarn count system .Thus customer can check the yarn Linear density.So please prepare one Yarn Count System in your lab . and check you need metric system or English System .

Automatic Wrap Reel complies with ISO 2060.2 etc international and retailer standards.

If you need more information about Wrap Reel Yarn Count Machine. Please contact with us


Standards of Wrap Reel Machine

ISO 2060.2


Some standards might not be the full version; to read the full version for free, write an email to [email protected]
Please contact the administrator to get any violations removed.

Key specification

Key Specification of Wrap Reel Machine

Reel circumference 1000mm (metric system)(YG086D),
54”(English system)(YG086E)
Rev of reel 25-300 RPM (numeric pre-settable)
Interval of spindle 65mm
Number of wrap 2~9999 Rev(pre-settable)
Programmable stop 1~9 rev(pre-settable)
Traveling reciprocating distance 35mm±1mm
Reeling pre-tension 0~100cN (pre-settable)
Instrument Size 780×660×480mm
Instrument weight 50kg


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