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Hawassa Polytechnic College Tenders For Textile Tester

Hawassa Polytechnic College Tenders for Textile Tester


Hawassa Polytechnic college is a public TVET institute established in 1990 that provides technical and vocational education and training to the local community through formal and non-formal courses with the aim of providing a well-behaved and competent workforce to the industry.

Request for the Bids

For Laboratory Tools, Equipment & Machinery

Employer: Hawassa Polytechnic College

Project: East Africa Skills for Transformation and Regional Integration Project (EASTRIP)

Contract title: Procurement of Laboratory Tools, Equipment & Machinery

Country: Ethiopia

Credit No. / Grant No.: 6335-ET and D395-ET

RFB Reference No: HPTC/ICB/EASTRIP/G/01/2019

Issued on: December 25,2022

Bid closing date:21, February 2023, 10:00 A.M Local Time

Bid opening date:21, February 2023, 10:30 A.M Local Time

Published on: Reporter (Dec 21, 2022)

The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia has received funding from the World Bank’s East Africa Skills for Transformation and Regional Integration Project (EASTRIP) and intends to use part of the proceeds to build college facilities at the Hawassa Polytechnic.

Fabric Testing Instruments and Equipments

Stelo-meter with Torsional Balance

Weighing capacityWeighing capacity: 60 g
Accuracy0,00001 g
Power supply230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, single-phase
Weight7.8 kg
Dimensions(L) 376 x (W) 214 x (H) 316 mm

Crease Recovery Tester

Loading Device10N and 19.63N weights
Specimen Tweezers(Metal)or (Plastic)
Specimen template40 x 15mm or 50 x 25mm

Fabric Thickness Tester

Standard featuresThroat depth: Minimum 22 mm
Base diameter 150mm
Presser foot diameter 28.7mm
Thickness range0.01-10mm
Precision0.01 mm
Dimension120*120*180 mm

Stiffness Tester

Standard featuresAccuracy:  ±2%Resolution:  0.1mNPower supply:  AC 220 V, 50 Hz
Angle of inclination41.50
Load test specimen10±2gm/cm length
Dimension (175 *140 *150mm)


Clamping width of Jaw10 mm
 Size of Specimen220 (L) ×70 mm (W) for woven 95 (L) × 70 mm (W) for knitting
Scale Reading0 – 50 % for woven 0 – 300 %for knitting
Dead Weight3kg. (2 Nos.)
Dimensions650 (L) ×130 (W) ×165 mm (H)

Tearing Strength Tester

Standard featuresPower supply: AC 220V and 100WRip length: Minimum 43mm
Accuracy±2% with entire range
Reading scale0-100%
Tearing distance43±0.15mm
Size of slit20mm

Air Permeability Tester

Standard featuresVoltage: 220 VTest time: Minimum 5-50s;Power phase: Single phase
Sample holder head25-50cm2

Abrasion and Pilling Tester

Working position8 or 9
Counting range0~999999 times
Relative moving speed of clamp60-70r/min
Pressing hammer of sample loading weight2385±10g
External dimension:885×600×410mm
PowerAC220V 50Hz 500W
Pressing weightstainless-steel disc:  260±1g
The Max. travel:Horizontal orientation 60.5±0.5mm Longitudinal orientation 24±0.5mm
Hardness:42 ± 5 degree,
Thickness: 3 mm

Drape Meter

Drape Coefficient Range0-100%
Diameter of Specimen ClampΦ 120mm
Dimension of Specimen240mm, 300mm, 360mm
Rotate Speed3~300±1r/min
Light SourcingDV 12V 100W for microscope
Power SupplyAC 220V 50/60HZ
Dimensions(L×W×H) 600×570×1070mm
Standard accessoriesΦ120mmFixture Board Φ240mm Sampling Template English Operation Software  Cable Connect with PC  Stainless Steel Calibration Plate (30%, 50%, 70%) Power Line   Desk Top Computer Other Sampling Template

Digital Bursting Strength Tester

Standard featuresTest Area: Minimum 30.5 mm diameter
Dimensions550x400x600 mm (LxWxH)
driving systemHigh-accuracy servo-motor
Power220 V 50Hz

Digital Pilling Tester

Standard featuresTo be supplied with specimen mounting jig, specimen cutting
Size of Wooden Boxes (Inside) 235 x 235 x 235 mm
Speed of Rotation60 r.p.m. for pilling
Motor1/8 H.P. Single Phase geared motor 220V AC
Counter5 Digits Digital Pre-Set type counters
Thickness of Cork Lining 3.2 mm

GSM Cutter with Reader

Standard featuresEquipped with four double-sided bladesBlade to be evenly distributed in four equal parts
Cutting area100cm2
Cutting diameter112.8mm
Cutting thickness5mm
Dimension 150×115
Accessories4pcs Schroder spare blades and 4pcs Cutting mat

Pick Counting Glass

Magnification Power3.5-6x
Weight200-300 g
Thickness2-5 mm
Lens Diameter75 mm

Sample Cutter Trimmer

Standard featuresSampling error:±0.35cm2 Net weight: 25.4kg
Size4 – 6 Inch
Handle MaterialPlastic
TypeThread Cutter

Fiber, Sliver & Roving Testing Equipment

Trash Analyzer  Open and clean fibers for further testing.
Used to determine the percentage content of trash in lint, non-fiber material in raw cotton samples up to 100 g.
Used to determine non-fiber content of synthetic fibersUses the carding principle with air separation of lint and non-lint content.
Standard for Textile manufacturing
Working width: Minimum 490mm
Rotation speed: 900 r/min
Weight: Minimum 250 kg
Power: Three phase 220 Volts AC @ 50 Hz
Dimensions: Minimum1120x1180x840 mm
Main motor: 1440 rpm
Microscope 1000X  Suitable for fiber analysis
Magnification ranges from 40X to 1000X
Equipped with micrometric stage carrier for object prospecting
Focus Range: Manual Focus from 0~200mm.
Video Capture Resolution: 640×480
Package Dimensions: Minimum 5.47 x 5.24 x 1.85 inches
Weight: Minimum 8.4 ounces
Fiber Crimp Tester  Fiber Crimp Tester is the latest development in high precision testing apparatus.
It is used to automatically measure the crimp ratio, crimp elastic recovery percentage, and number of crimps of the fiber.
 It adopts image processing technology to automatically count the number of crimps within the length of 25mm on the fiber sample
Lower clamp moving range: Minimum 40 mm
Length precision: Minimum 0.01mm
Time set: Auto
Length of the fiber within which the number of crimps is counted: Minimum 25m
Power: 220/110V 50/60 Hz
Weight: Minimum 20 Kg
Dimensions: Minimum 510x340x420mm

Yarn Testing Instruments

Yarn Auto Twist Tester  To determine yarn twist in single or plied yarns
Auto stop & reverse for conventional or untwist/re-twist methods.
Test length adjustable up to the standards
Built-in digital tachometer and optical sensor with led showing correct zero starting and ending position
Voltage: 220 V AC
Power: 30 Watts.
Weight: Minimum 10 Kg
Size: Minimum 1000mm x 150mm x 200mm
Body Material: Mild Steel
Yarn test length: 25mm to 500 mm adjustable (metric unit). 
Yarn Crimp Tester  Standard Feature
Voltage: 220V, AC
Scale: Minimum 125cm
Overall Dimension: Minimum 1500(L)×80(W)×40(H)mm
Weight: 4 -15kg
Yarn Evenness Tester  For the evenness control of slivers, rovings and yarns made of both natural and synthetic/manmade fibers
Capacitive sensors, the instrument can measure, analyses, calculate and display (with related printout) the required data
Personal computer with monitor and printer
160 & more channels spectrograph to analyses the wavelength spectrogram CV% and U% of mass variations
I.P.I. with an indication of thin places, thick places and neps. 
12- 24 positions Automatic Cop Changerr
Phase: Single Phase
Power Consumption: 1.25 kVA
Simulation Size: Minimum 6 x 6 Inches
Relative Humidity: 65 + 2%
Temperature: Minimum 21oC
Compressed Air Consumption: 18 m3/hr at 6 Bar
Yarn Hairiness Tester  Standard Feature
Material: MS Sheet
Testing length: 1 -1000 meters
Testing speed: Minimum 50 meters/min
Hair length range: 1-30 mm in 1 mm intervals
Equipped with optical array sensor for precision measurement.
Equipped with automatic test sample collection system
Graphical presentation of test values
Yarn Abrasion Tester  Standard features
Working mode: Constant speed
Abrasion speed: Minimum 60 times/min
Weight: Minimum 5g
Yarn Strength Tester (Automatic)  Single Yarn Strength Tester, to determine breaking strength and elongation of single cotton, wool and other yarns
Computerized to determine the strength and elongation of yarn
Accuracy: ≤ ± 1% Full scale
Sampling range: 0~9m
Elongation range: Minimum 800mm
Power: 220V 50 Hz
Weight: Minimum 140kg
Dimensions: Minimum 550 x 450 x 1600 mm
Video Analyzer  High performance computerized system conceived for the analysis of fibers, yarns, fabrics, knits, non-woven, and spinnerets.
Identify different types of Fibers, yarn structure, Fiber cross sectional structure, Defect analysis
Yarn count Tester
Automatically calculates count systems used for sliver, roving and yarn, and can also be used for fabric yield.
Yarn Count Tester consists of an accurate electronic balance. 
Built-in calculating program Precision 0.001g
Base size: Minimum 120mm
Power: 220/110 V
Dimensions: Minimum 320x350x250mm
Cotton yarn Appearance Standards   Available for 1 Ne to 140 Ne count ranges
Built in accordance with: ASTM D2255
General Testing items
Electronic Yarn tension measuring device  Digital yarn tension meter 
Capable to determine tension of moving yarn
Capable to determines load during processing of yarn while spinning and winding
Should be very sensitive, and give reproducible and stable readings, if the measuring conditions are repeated
Tension range: –  0-500cN
Accuracy: –    0.1cN
Guide roller- Ceramic pole
Display update rate:-     4 times/sec
Measuring deflection: –   0.5mm.
Temperature range: – 10~450c
Air humidity up to 85% RH, max
Display: Digital LCD
Measuring range: 0-200 gm
Resolution: 1 gm
Dimensions: Minimum (150x80x25mm)
Stroboscope      Produces the optical effect of stopping or slowing down high-speed motion for purposes of observation meaning provide consistent and exact measurements of speed, including stop-motion diagnostic inspection.
Does RPM check
Emits a high- intensity, short-duration flash of light.
Operating Temperature: – 0 to 50℃
Back light high visible LCD display gives exact reading
Must work on higher operating humidity
Moisture content tester   Standard for textile application
Moisture content measuring for both cotton and yarn
For packages (roving’s, Yarn packages, cops etc.)Moisture Measuring Range: 0 % to 40 % moisture.
Moisture Sensitivity: 0.1 %
Measurement Accuracy: +/- 0.2 %
Sample Size: Approximately 250 CC.
Size of the Meter: Minimum 150 x150x160 mm
Weight of the Meter: Minimum 800g
Measurement Time: One Sample per minute approximately.
Power Requirement: 9 Volt Battery
Cone density checking  Standard for textile application
Wrap block  Standard for textile application
Wrap reel  Produce skeins of yarn of a predetermined length and number of turns for count and/or strength testing.
1 Meter, 36” or 54” circumference collapsible swift (specify).
Complete with yarn package stand and pretension device,
Fitted with predetermined counter.
Operation electronic versions
Spacing of spindles: Minimum 60 mm
Weight: Minimum 105 kg
Power :220/110 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions: Minimum 780x660x510 mm
Roller setting caliper  Standard for textile application
Yarn Package Density Tester  Measure the hardness of yarn cones or beams of yarn or fabric.
Suitable for loosely wound bobbins of synthetic fibers and closely wound natural fibers, yarns and threads.
Scale from 0-100 with 5 mm diameter
Weight: Minimum 1kg
Dimensions: Minimum 169x100x75mm (WxDxH)
Analogue scale from 0-100 with 5mm diameter indentor
Check Light (for Contamination Check)  Standard for textile application
Yarn Length & Speed Meter  Standard for textile application
LCD Display
Power supply: 2 x 1.5 V Type AA;
Housing material:Aluminum
Dimensions: Minimum (183x 80 x 46 mm)
With traceable Calibration Certificate
Shore Hardness Tester  Designed to determine the penetration hardness of rubber
High quality with strength
High accuracy and measuring time
For all machines having appropriate pressure needle taper angle, pressure needle diameter and needle trip 
Pressure: capable for Shore A to D
Use anywhere and suitable for use in laboratory of in field conditions
Resolution: 0.5 Hardness
Accuracy: ± 2 Hardness
Dimensions: Minimum (85 x 60x 25 mm)
Power supply: 1 x 1.5V
Weight: Minimum 300g
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