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Sunamganj Textile Diploma Institute Tenders For Spinning Machines

Sunamganj Textile Diploma Institute Tenders for Spinning Machines

Now so many Bangladesh customer use FYI Brand Spinning Line machine .

It is including :

Lab former machine

Lab combing machine ,

Carding machine,

Drawing Machine


Ring machine ,

Rotor Spinning Machine

Rotor Spinning machine

Cone winding machine

AUTOMATIC REELING machine etc……..

We will talk about these machine specification at Bangladesh tender.


Sunamganj Textile Diploma Institute, the ECNEC approved the Sunamganj Textile Institute establishment project on April 26, 2017. It is being established on a seven-acre plot, east to the Abdul Mazid College under Dakshin Sunamganj upazila while the Tk 783.1 million project is taken up. For teaching purposes, the school put out a tender for some spinning machines this year.



1. Doubling: 24/28/32

2. Drafting mode: 2 over 3 or 3 over 3 pneumatic weight, pressure: 380-550n

3. lap speed: 80-120m/min

4. output in theory: 350kg/h

5. Full lap package weight (max): 22kg

6. Total Draft ratio: max 1.80 times

7. Adopting PLC to control the machine, the touch screen can be displayed the parameter and operation guide; inverter drives the main motor that is easy to set the speed of machine; during the lapping, the speed of main motor is reduced, which reduces the blocking

8. Proportional valve for the pressure of sliver, which confirm the right pressure and the pressure can be displayed in the touch screen.

9. 28 pcs sensor which monitor the sliver and the machine will be stopped while there is no sliver, broken sliver and sliver stop.

10. Feed mode: two sides gantry creel, simple frame and less floor space

11. Cone for uni-lapper is 96 pcs.

12. Electric control: PLC touch screen exhaust upper (with suction motor) With three semi-automatic trolley




Number of delivery: 01 Automatic can change with

Head distance: 470mm

Speed : 60,280,300,320 nips according to different process

Bobbin size: 4200x300mm(inner 180mm, out$200x300mm)

Feed lap: Width: 300mm;

Dia.: less than 600min;

Lap count: 60-80 ktex

Fiber length: 20-50mm

Noil: 8-25%

Drafting type: 3 over 5/3over 3/5 over 5, pneumatic load

Draft ratio :Pre-draft: 1.14; 1.36; 1.5; total draft: S-19.3

Draft gauge:Main draft: 41-54

Feed length per nipper: 4.3/4.7/5.2/5.9 (standard: 5.2)

Coiling style: Single can sing coiling

Sliver can size: $600x1200mm(with caster)

Comber sliver count: 3-6 ktex

Suction style: Central suction

Compressed air: Pressure: 6-8x105Pa; capacity: 1.5m3/h

Exhaust air volume: 3000 m3/h

Suction pressure: 250Pa

Source of electricity: 380V±10%; 50Hz

Auto couter: Meter & 4 shift

Motor power: Inverter motor 3.5KW; brush motor 1.3KW

Suction motor: 1.5KW, if the suction style is group suction, then this suction motor is not necessary.

Change gear & puly : Complement

Top roller cots: Becker/Best Quality as per model

Overall size: As per model

U%: <3.5%

Neps: <50


Staple length: 22-76mm

Maximum production capacity: 80kg/ Hour

Sliver Weight: 3.5-6.5g/m

Weight of tuff web: 400-1000g/m

Inner Frame Width: 1000mm

Max delivery width: 250/min

Licker in Dia: 250mm

Licker in Speed: 808-1300 in Ten step

Doffer Din: 706mm

Doffer speed: 50-80

Cylinder Dia: 1290mm

Cylinder Speed (RPM): 330,360,420,450,500

Removing Flats (Working/total): 32/86

Flat speed(mm/Min): 122-510

Can Size: 600 X 1100 or 900 X 1100

Suction Air Volume Pressure: 4500m3/h-1000pa

Suction point: Eight under Card

Safety: full enclosed

Install power: 6.57 KW


Material: Cotton, manmade fiber, blends, fiber length 10-80 mm

No. of delivery: 2 (Double coiler)

Doubling (x): up to 8

No. of feeding end: 6-8

Draft (x):4-11

Drafting Type: 3 over 3 with pressure bar and guide roller.

Loading Type: Pendulum arm spring weighting.

Delivered sliver weight (ktex): 1.25-7

Deliver speed: 2.47-10m/s (200-600 m/min)

Feed can diameter: Ø400, Ø 500, Ø 1600 Height: 1100(900) mm.

Delivery can diameter: Ø300, Ø350, Ø400, Ø500 mm Height: 100(900) mm.

Max. delivery speed: 1100 m/min

Automatic filter cleaning.

Central drafting system setting without gauges

Automatic can changer

Empty can feed for up to 3 reserve cans

Central lubricating strip

Control panel with graphic display

Control System: The speed of main motor is controlled by inverter. PLC is adopted for controlling system.

Auto Stop Motion: Photoelectric stop and micro switch stop motion.

Motors: Main Motor, Can Change Motor, Servo Motor, Suction motor, Cleaning

motor. Stop motion Electric stop motion for breakage on top roller & calendar roller; Electric stop motion for choke of sliver at gatherer & coiler tube; Sliver length stop motion actuated by auto reset counter; Electric stop motion for creel part. With Catalogue &

operation manual.

Power: 3-Phase AC, 380V/50HZ



1. Spindle gauge: 220mm

2. No. of spindles: 24

3. Machine type: 2 right hand or 2 left hand

4. Adaptable staple length for cotton: 22-38ınım

5. Size of bobbin: dia.45mm, length 445mm

6. Flyer spindle shaft diameter: 22mm (approx.)

7. Full package: dia. 152mm length 406mm

8. Suitable count: Nm 0.8-5.0

9. Total drafting range: 4.13-13.28

10. Twist range: 1.76-7.44/10CM

11. Flyer type: Closed type with stainless tube with aluminum presser. (PLC) adopts SIEMENS/DELTA/FUJI/others

12. Programmable controller 13. Frequency converter: (one inverter for flyer and roller, one inverter for lifting and winding)

14. Drafting system: four-roller short double apron system, with Tex parts pendulum

arm SKF-PK1500, Top roller LP1015, LP1015, LP1017, LP1015 and OH514

top apron cradle, cot of Armstrong. 15. Top rollers size: outside Dia.: 28, 28,25,28mm, width 40mm, hardness: 800 ±30. Rubber cot maker: Armstrong

16. Top apron size: inside dia.37mm, thickness 0.9±0.02mm, width:39.5mm 17. Bottom apron size: inside dia.38mm, thickness 1.2±0.02mm, width:39.5mm

18. Bottom tollers: Dia.: 28.5mm, 28.5mm, 28.5mm, 28.5mın fluted hardened chrome-plated bottom roller, with needle bearing Front, 2nd, Back-Helical &

3rd-Knurled. 19. Mechanical spindle speed: max. 1600rpm Practical spindle speed: up to 1200rpm (for cotton), up to 1400RPM (for polyester)

20. Creel: gantry creel with five rows of guide rollers with bearing system (500X1100mın, stainless) Positive driven.

21. Counter: pre-determined length counter.

22. Shift counter for 4 shifts: 3 shift in normal, 1 for spare

23. Stop motion: Five photocells are equipped

24. Signal lamps numbers and each function: minimum 4 pieces

25. Multi-display panel: spindle speed, fixed length, accumulated length, current Length;



Spindle Gauge: 70 mm.

Spindle per side No.: 24/36/48

Spindle type-spring type. Standard spindle with knee breaking system

Ring diameter: 38mm, 42mm, 45mm (12 spindles for each ring diameter) Flange 3.2

Tube length: 200 mm

Spun yarn count: 6-100 Ne

Draft Ratio: Total draft 10-50 times, Rear Zone Draft 1.6-1.53 times,

Draft range: 8-80

Twist range: 300-1600 T/M

Spindle speed range: 12000-20000 грm

Twist: “Z’ or ‘S’)

Suitable fiber: Cotton, Cotton type chemical fiber and medium synthetic fiber up to 65mm or their blends.

Pressure arm- Spring loaded drafting arrangement with 3 rows of rollers with cradle for short and medium staple fibers.

Roving bobbin diameter: 180 mm and lift 205mm creel of 6 rows (single) with roving holder peg, break & roving guide bar.

Operating system: PLC with latest configuration.

Ring cup, Drafting bottom roller, Spindle and Traveler must be rust proof.

Accessories for Ring Spinning Machine

Essential spare parts and catalogue book.

No. of Ring bobbin: 400

No. of Simplex bobbin: 200

Draft changeable gears: (Step-2) 8-50

Break draft changeable gears: 1.16-2.0 (Step 0.05)

Twist changeable gears: 300-1600 T/M Ring Traveler: For 165 205, 265, 305, 405, 505, 605, 805.

(For each size minimum 1 packet rapid, 1000pcs/packet) Catalogue & operation manual


With (24×2=48 rotor)

Standard Machine, consist of head and tailstock, tube loader UNIfeed, Steplessly

adjustable changing positions, I roboter Spinning position with self cleaning

Rotor Drive with 30 kW motor

Winding Roller drive with 5.5 kW motors

Feed drive with 5.5 kW motors

Cylinder Bobbins

Sliver guide 10 mm

Channel insert 31

Pressure roller with grey coats

Can height upto 1070mm

Package length 125-155mm and edge shifting motion 0-30mm, steplessly variable

stroke gear box, winding helix angle 30’-40’ settable in 1’ steps

Roboter without yarn end placement

Additional cleaning head

Yarn clearer with capacitive sensor

Exhaust air downwards into air duets


Head :4, Auto splicer unit

Winding speed minimum 600 m/min (approx.)

Yarn Cleaning system: electronic, Adjustable package hardness

Auto doffing system with auto stop motion


The machine take up Elastic Nylon yarn & not textured yarn to a hank of yarn and put the hank yarn to dyeing. Then adopt Hank to cone winder rewinding it to be a hard cone yarn, the finished yarn could be a sewing thread or weave to cloth.


No of Spindle : 24 head (Single load)

Spindle Width: 3″4″

 Dist. Betwix Spindles (Each spindle space); 4  1/2”

Winding Device Circumference (Yardage meter can be adjusted): 1.3-2yds

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