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Automated filter tester AFT-140

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The Automated filter tester Model AFT-140 is the good solution for testing particulate

respirator filters, disposable filtering face pieces, and a wide assortment of filter media. The built-incapability to test with salt and oil means that just one unit is need to test your product to : US 42 CFR part 84,EN143。

The Automated filter tester AFT-140 

There are 2EA Aerosol Generator in one unit.One is for Salt testing ,the Nacl liquid concentration is 10%.Aerosol rate complies to standard. Counter median diameter: 0.075±0.02μm,Particle size

distribution of Geometric standard deviation is less than 1.86.The other is for Oil testing. You can select DOP,DEHS ,PAO, Parffin Oil etc. Aerosol rate complies to standard. Counter median diameter:0.185±0.02μm,Particle size distribution of Geometric standard deviation is less than 1.6.

Follows are features of Automated filter tester 

  • There are 2EA Photometers, Aerosol concentration test rang: 0.001-100mg/m3.
  • The filter tester not only can test efficiency and resistance, but also can apply to test particulate respirator filters at loading.
  • Consumptive material at test:Nacl(AR),DEHS or Paraffin Oil.
  • Electronic Balance:max range 100-500g,min resolution: 0.001g. Counting cup or graduate
  • cylinder spec.:max value 1000ml-2000ml
  • meet with USA commercial respirator regulation (NIOSH 42 CFR part 84)
  • meet with European EN 143 and related respirator standards


Application of Automated Filter Tester

Automated Filter Material Tester is mainly used to determine the filter efficiency of self-suction particle-proof respirators and the filter efficiency and resistance of other materials. There are 2EA Aerosol Generator in one unit. One is for Salt testing .The other is for Oil testing which DEHS is used as the aerosol . The system adopts precise instruments to control the flow rate and aerosol concentration . Easy operation and good stability. This machine is designed to comply with commercial respirator mask


Standards of Automated filter tester

GB2626-2006-6.3 US 42 CFR part 84 EN 143

Key specification

Key specification of Automated filter tester

Air flow rate 20~100L/min
Efficiency 0~99.999%
Resistance 0~1,000Pa
Test area 100m2
Power supply AC220V, 50Hz


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