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Mask Particle Filter Efficiency PFE Tester AFT-100

4.33 (3 reviews)

With AFT-100 mask filter test machine/Particle Filter Efficiency PFE Tester . you can measure two values, particle penetration value (efficiency) and air flow resistance by using sodium chloride (NaCl) and paraffin oil. Mask filter test machine/mask fitting tester Model AFT-100 is the good solution for testing particulate respirator filters, disposable filtering face pieces, and a wide assortment of filter media.


What is difference between AFT140 Mask Particle Filter Efficiency PFE Tester and AFT100 ?

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your email, I think we should introduce what is truth for Particle Filter Efficiency PFE Tester for your ref.

  1. Who is making these machines?

Before COVID-19, around of China, I think there only 5-6 factories, Who makes AFT-140 or AFT-100 AUTOMATIC FILTER TESTER with different model name. Total production of this machine is less than 80 set per year.

But till now, I think more than 20 factories which start to produce this machine. More than 800 sets of machine were made from 2020-Feb-10 till now.

I used to visit Alibaba, I found 100 suppliers, but more than 97% is not the real manufacturer.

  1. What is the difference between AFT140 and AFT-100 or other models?

In these 20-producers, only two make machines with aerosol spectrophotometer including us, all of others producer are using Laser particle counter, like our machine AFT-100.

In EN143, En149, Niosh CFR42 Part 84.181, they need aerosol spectrophotometer to check the particle density, instead of Laser particle counter to check the number of particle.

Only using aerosol spectrophotometer, the testing result can compare with TSI 8130A.

So now in China, many factories which make masks, or melt-blown fabric for mask and Gown, they start to refuse filter testing machine with Laser particle counter. So now we are very short aerosol spectrophotometers, we start to search this sensor parts around the world.

What difference of AFT140 with aerosol spectrophotometer and AFT-100 Mask Particle Filter Efficiency PFE Tester with Laser particle counter?

aerosol spectrophotometer can measure the particle with size of 75nm—10μm, and the result is μg/m3 or mg/m3 , but laser particle counter only can measure the particle with size of 300nm—10μm.So these two testing result is not same, and is not comparable. As in second method, you do not know how much particles with the size from 75nm to 300nm.

  1. What is the real Price?

For the machine with Laser particle counter, now in China, from USD18,000-30,000, previously, this price is about 13,500-20,000 in Max.

As I know, in all of these machines, some supplier nearly know nothing about the testing, they just make a black box, then show the same figure of testing result to cheat the operator in its screen, as the sensor is very bad. It is impossible to measure the efficiency of the filter.

For the machine with aerosol spectrophotometer, as in one machine, there are 2- aerosol spectrophotometer, so price is nearly fixed, about USD60,000, before COVID, the price is about USD48,000-52,000. Normally, in AFT-140 with two Aerosol-generators.

Sometimes, some customers perhaps need only one generator with NaCl Aerosol.

I believe the price of AFT-140 may be increased in next 2-month, as now is very short of aerosol spectrophotometer.

Hopefully,  at the end of 2020, I think AFT-140 will come back to its original price.

Mask Filter Test Machine/ Mask Fitting Tester AFT-100 

AFT-100 Mask filter test machine is one type of Automated Filter Material Tester is mainly used to determine the filter efficiency of self-suction particle-proof respirators and the filter efficiency and resistance of other materials.

These series of mask filter test machine normally has two purpose, one is filter product quality approval or certification tests, another is quality control test.

The certification tests require both sodium chloride (NaCl) and paraffin oil. Clean filters are tested for breathing resistance at both 30 liters per minute (l/min) and at 95 l/min. The initial filter penetration is also measured on clean filters. Several filters are tested with sodium chloride and several are tested with paraffin oil on a mask filter test machine.

Next, these filters are loaded with dolomite dust to either a maximum breathing resistance

As a part of each application for masks or respirators approval, a quality control plan must be submitted, and approved. The quality control plan can take the form of either a quality control system for the final product or a quality monitoring (QM) system. Production QM testing can be done either by the manufacturer (regular audits are necessary) or statistically by an accredited lab with mask filter test machine. This quality control plan shall include a procedure for the selection of a sample of masks or respirators and the components for testing. Certification types of testing, like those required for approval, may be a part of a quality control plan, but shorter, non-destructive quality control tests are the main component of most quality control plans. The FYI model AFT-140 or AFT-100 with accessories can perform instantaneous penetration tests, suitable for quality control testing, in as little as several seconds. These tests can be done with aerosol test conditions (aerosol size distribution to give equivalent penetration results) and mass concentrations that are used in the certification tests.

The difference between AFT-140 and AFT-100, in AFT-140 automated filter tester, it is equipped with two light-scattering laser photometers, instead, AFT-100 mask filter test machine is only one OPC sensor (optical particle counter). So in this way, the accuracy and test speed, AFT-140 is better than AFT-100 mask filter test machine.

Follows are features of Mask filter test machine/ Mask fitting tester

  • Universal dust/particle filter efficiency tester;
  • Precise meters for controlling flow and aerosol density;
  • Adjustable air volume from 20L/min~100L/min;
  • Resistance measuring range from 0 to 2000Pa;
  • Filter efficiency up to 999%;
  • Communication with PC, simple operation and stable performance;
  • For more information,you can visit


Application of Mask filter test machine/ Mask fitting tester

AFT-100 Mask filter test machine/ Mask fitting tester is suitable for quality control for factory use, and even some lower grade of the third party laboratory or commercial laboratory. Educational purpose or research use is a good choice.

AFT-100 mask filter test machine can be applied in Mask test, some other filter material test, some respiratory device filter parts test.


Standards of Mask filter test machine/ Mask fitting tester

GB2626-2006-6.3 NIOSH 42 CFR 84 EN 143

Note: this Mask filter test machine/ Mask fitting tester can conform to but not limit to the standards above, for more standards conformance, please contact us.

Some standards might not be the full version; to read the full version for free, write an email to [email protected].
Please contact the administrator to get any violations removed.

Key specification

Key specification of Mask filter test machine/ Mask fitting tester

  • Measuring range                                      (20~100)L/min
  • Aerosol                                                       Salt, DOP,DEHS, Paroline, Corn oil etc
  • Filter efficiency                                        10%~99.999%
  • Pressure detect range                             (0~0.88)MPa
  • Test method                                             Efficiency test
  • OPC self-purification time                    ≤10min
  • OPC flow rate accuracy                          ±5%
  • OPC repeatability                                    ≤10% F.S.
  • OPC particle size distribution deviation             ±30%

3 reviews for Mask Particle Filter Efficiency PFE Tester AFT-100

  1. Arlen Mike

    What a great product! It works beyond my expectations.

  2. Nandan Choksi

    I put my mask into this machine for testing, and the data is very consistent with other machines in our lab

  3. Jerry Rebecca

    Nice.Fit the description.

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