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Bobbin Dyeing Machine DW241B

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Bobbin Dyeing Machine which also named bobbin yarn dyeing machine,lab bobbin dyeing machine, the yarn bobbin dyeing machine used to dye bobbin yarn under high temperature and high pressure.This package dyeing machine will mixed water and dyestuff evenly in the cylinder before dyeing.The cheese dyeing machine is common used in the laboratory or factory for sample dyeing.


Bobbin Dyeing Machine DW241B

DW202B/241B Bobbin Dyeing Machine is specially-designed yarn dyeing machine used to dye bobbin yarn in lab under high temperature and high pressure. What’s more, DW241B bobbin yarn dyeing machine is equipped with dye stuff auxiliary supplying system, so suitable for dyeing cotton yarn as well as polyester yarn, wool yarn, etc.

Feature of Bobbin Dyeing Machine:

  • Surface treatment: Stainless steel construction with sand blasting surface treatment; inner surface of dyeing cylinder use acid etching treatment to protect cylinder against dyes;
  • Free control of dye liquor flow: The bobbin yarn is placed on the mandril in the dyeing cylinder. The dye liquor can flow out and back from the holes in the mandril. Internal flow and external flow can be switched freely inside the dyeing cylinder according to the dyeing process.
  • High automation: Dyeing process can be controlled manually or automatically. The temperature and water level in dyeing cylinder can be preset by dyeing computer. Real-time pressure in dyeing cylinder is indicated by pressure gauge;
  • High-temperature protection: Opening the lid of cylinder is not allowed when the temperature in dyeing cylinder reaches the preset temperature, such as 85℃.
  • Water-level protection: The service cylinder of DW241B is equipped with water level sensor to prevent water level exceeding the preset water level, such as high level;
  • Lock protection:The bobbin dyeing machine has special cylinder lock can fix the lid of dyeing cylinder to prevent moving in the dyeing
  • Optional heating methods: With rich experience in lab design, dyeing machines with steam heating function are normally suitable for dyeing mills, because they have the ability to provide steam source to heat the dye liquor; as for university, institute, etc, we can provide dyeing machine with electrical heating function.


Application of Bobbin Dyeing Machine

Bobbin dyeing machine is equipped with dye stuff auxiliary supplying system, so suitable for dyeing cotton yarn as well as polyester yarn, wool yarn, etc.

The  yarn bobbin dyeing machine has an extra service cylinder, connected to the main cylinder. Water and dyestuff are added into the service cylinder and mixed evenly while bobbin yarn is placed in the main cylinder. The mixed dye liquor can be injected into the main cylinder. In the process of dyeing, user can add dye liquor through the service cylinder, no need to open the main cylinder repeatedly, improving efficiency and safety.

In the end of dyeing process,,the bobbin yarn dyeing machine can equiped with our QRTC3 Centrifugal Water Extractor and MF-3 Bobbin Yarn Drying Machine to dry bobbin yarn.

If you need more information about Bobbin Dyeing Machine ,Please contact with us.


Standard of Bobbin Dyeing Machine 

Key specification

Key specification of Bobbin Dyeing Machine

Capacity 3 bobbins
Working pressure ≤0.4MPa
Working temperature ≤135℃
Heating rate From 20℃ to 130℃ (20min)
Cooling rate From 130℃ to 80℃ (25min)
(Cooling liquid pressure: 0.3MPa, temperature: 5℃~10℃)
Heating method Steam heating or electrical heating
(please specify before placing order)
Liquor ratio 1:8~1:10
Air supply of bobbin dyeing machine 0.6~0.7MPa
Power supply AC 380V 50Hz 3 phase
Dimensions DW202B-21B: 95×90×170cm (L×W×H)
DW241B-21: 110×110×185cm (L×W×H)


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