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Digital Leather Lastometer DW9100

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Digital Leather Lastometer, also named Leather Lastometer, which is widely used to test the anti-cracking index of the leather facing, various thin leather and leather surface. Fix the sample round the clamp frame and then the copper ball is pushed up from the inner surface of the leather with a speed of 12mm per minute. When the surface is subjected to 80N strength, the height of the rising height is the crack value.


Digital Leather Lastometer DW9100

Digital Leather Lastometer is used to determine distension and strength of leather grain. It is applicable to boot and shoe upper leather and light leather. It uses the clamping ring and cap to clamp round specimen and a steel ball to press against the centre of the flesh side of the specimen. The pressure and distension produced are recorded at grain crack and at burst (if bursting occurs).

Follows are Leather Lastometer features:

  • Servomotor to drive the steel ball;
  • Load and distension figures recorded on touch panel;
  • Test several specimens and calculates average load and distension;
  • English control panel;
  • Compact structure and easy to operate.

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Application of Leather Lastometer 

Leather Lastometer is used to test resistant ball shape busting height and cracking index of leather.

Working method :With the top of the steel ball, the ball can not rotate, acting on the center of the sample meat, the force is measured by measuring device. The stretching speed of the ball and fixture relative movement is (12 + / 2) mm/min. The diameter of the ball is 6.25mm, and the accuracy error of the measuring device is not more than 3% when the sample is cracked and cracked.

All instruments are calibrated to be accurate to 0.1mm. The error within range is no more than 0.05mm.

The distance of the specimen extension can be calculated by the distance between the fixture and the ball. The direction of the ball moving is perpendicular to the surface of the tested sample, and the display value of the force when the steel ball is in contact with the sample meat is zero, as the starting point for the relative movement of the steel ball and the clamp. The reduction of thickness due to the pressure of the steel ball may not be calculated.

If the sample pauses during the stretch, the force’s reading drops, which is because the particle has cracked and cracked, and the reading of the force and the stretching height should be measured as soon as possible.

Machine meet with ISO 17695、ISO3379、SATRA TM24、 GB/T 3903.40、QB/T 2712

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Leather Lastometer Standard

ISO 3379
QB/T 2712
ISO 17695 SATRA TM 24 GB/T 3903.40


Some standards might not be the full version; to read the full version for free, write an email to [email protected].
Please contact the administrator to get any violations removed.

Key specification

Key specification of Leather Lastometer

Max. load 100kg
Sense method Load transducer
Diameter of steel ball Ф6.25mm, Ф20mm
Diameter of test area Ф25mm
Relative speed of ball to clamp 12mm/min
Max. distension 25mm
Distension resolution 0.01mm
Distention rate 12±2mm/min
Dimensions 520×370×480mm (L×W×H)
Power supply AC220V 50Hz
Weight Approx. 50kg


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