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Scott Type Crease-Flex Tester DW9421

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Scott Type Crease-Flex Tester also named Leather Crumpling Resistance Tester, is used for determining the crumpling resistance or crease-flex strength of leather, rubber, cloth and other materials.


Scott Type Crease-Flex Abrasion Tester DW9421

DW9421 Leather Crumpling Resistance Tester, also named Scott Type Crease-Flex Abrasion Tester is applied to test the crumpling resistance of PVC artificial leather. Two test pieces are clamped together with their fabric surfaces face to face and then rub to each other. After specific times of rubbing, observe the surface of specimen whether there is rupture, wrinkle or fade.

Leather crumpling resistance tester complies with GB/T 8948, 8949, GMW3217, JIS L1096.

Follows are features of Scott Type Crease-Flex Tester

  • Suitable for leather, rubber, cloth and other materials;
  • Count and stop automatically;
  • Equipped with a safety shield on the test area: when the shield is lifted, the instrument cannot run;
  • The control panel adopts key-press operation and LCD display.


Application of Scott Type Crease-Flex Tester 

Leather crumpling resistance tester is applied to test the crumpling resistance of leather, rubber, cloth and other materials.

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Scott Type Crease-Flex Tester Standards 

GB/T 8948.8949 GMW3217 JIS L1096


Some standards might not be the full version; to read the full version for free, write an email to [email protected].
Please contact the administrator to get any violations removed.

Key specification

Key specification of leather crumpling resistance tester  

Specimen size 120×30mm
Distance between clamps Max. 45mm, adjustable within 45mm
Pressure load Base weight: 200g

Weights: 100g*1, 200g*1, 300g*1, 500g*1, 1000g*1

(progressive increased by adding weights)

Speed 120cpm
Test stroke Standard: 50mm (adjustable)
Counter 0~999999 times, settable, LCD display
Power supply AC220V 50Hz
Dimensions 515×400×420mm (L×W×H)
Net weight 56kg


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