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Freezing Leather Flexing Tester DW9520

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Freezing Leather Flexing Tester, also named Vertical Type Freezing Tester, is used for testing the flexing resistance of shoe, rubber, plastic, synthetic leather, etc, under the condition of low temperature.


Freezing Leather Flexing Tester DW9520

Freezing tester is used for testing the flexing resistance of shoe, rubber, plastic, synthetic leather, etc, under the condition of low temperature, thus the adaptability of materials or finished products to a cold climate or area can be studied. This machine is made of stainless steel and many flexing/bending accessories (Bally flexing grip, vamp flexing grip, Ross flexing grip, etc.) are available to suit different requirements. Based on the test demand, adjust the beater and flexing grip, and then load to the desired position. Installation of bending test, flexing test and impact test are available.

Follows are features of Freezing tester:

  • Inner and outside of chamber is made of stainless steel;
  • Bally flexing grip is standard configuration, shoe flexing clamp also can be added in chamber;
  • Other grips can be customized to suit different requirements;
  • Easy installation and use;
  • Adopt double layer high expansionary seal between door and chamber body to ensure enclosed of testing area;
  • Use whole sealing compressor (Tecumseh, France), cascade refrigeration cooling method;
  • Thermal isolation material is made from high density glass fiber cotton;
  • Adopts environment protection refrigerant.


Application of Vertical Type Freezing Tester

Freezing leather flexing tester is specially designed to test the behavior of various materials in a cold environment to ensure the suitability for use in cold climate. It can be used to test rubber, leather, plastic, PU leather, etc.

Freezing leather flexing tester complies with ASTM D1790, D1593, D1052, JIS K6545, EN ISO 20344, HG/T24II, HG/T 287I, GB/T 2099I, CNS 7705, QB/T 2224, QB/T 1471, DIN 53351, Adidas GE-24, Adidas GE-57, SATRA TM92, SATRA TM 161, etc.

If you need more information about freezing leather flexing tester, please contact us.


Freezing Leather Flexing Tester Standards 

ASTM D1790 D1593
D1052 JIS K6545
EN ISO 20344 HG/T2411
HG/T 2871 GB/T 20991
CNS 7705 QB/T 2224
QB/T 1471 DIN 53351
Adidas GE-24 Adidas GE-57


Some standards might not be the full version; to read the full version for free, write an email to [email protected].
Please contact the administrator to get any violations removed.

Key specification

Key specification of freezing leather flexing tester

Controller Omron (Japan) PID control
Temperature range Room temp.~ -30oC or Room temp.~
-50oC, selectable
Temperature accuracy ±0.3oC
Temperature uniformity ±1oC
Counter LCD, 0~999,999
Cooling rate Room temp. to -30oC within 60min
Refrigerant Environmental-friendly
Power consumption 4~6kw
Power supply AC220V 50Hz or AC380V 50Hz
Working chamber size 600×600×550mm(L×W×H)
Dimensions 1100×1050×1600mm(L×W×H)
Weight Approx. 420kg
Bally leather flexing grip
Flexing angle 22.5o
Speed (100±5)cpm
Specimen size 70×45mm
Working positions 10 (Bally flexing)


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