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DIN 53516 ISO 4649 DIN Abrasion Tester DW5440

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iso 4649 DIN Abrasion Tester, also called DIN Rubber Abrasion Resistance Tester, DIN Abrader or Rotary Drum Abrader, is used to determine the abrasion resistance of polyester soles, shoe soles and polymer sheet material.FYI is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality DIN abrasion tester. We offer cost effective testing solutions and equipments for various industrial applications.


ISO 4649 DIN Abrasion Tester DW5440

We provide reasonable price and high quality DIN abrasion tester. All the testing instruments manufactured by FYI factory are well-known throughout China and more than 50 countries abroad for providing superior value and performance.

DIN abrasion tester is applicable to flexible materials, rubber, tires, conveyor system, transmission belts, sole, leather and so on. There is adequate test area, operation and sampling are simple. It should be used together with a balance. It mainly consists of power system, rotary roller, sample clamping device, automatic stop system and rack and small driving gear for driving the sample, seat and dust collector.

The major working principle is that under some specific load and on sand cloth of a specific grade, the column-shaped sample is placed on the sand cloth for abrasion for a specific journey. In this way, the mass of the abrasion from the sample can be measured by using the balance. With this and the density of the sample, the abrasion volume can be calculated. This machine meet with iso 4649,DIN 53516 and ASTM D5963.

Follows are features of DIN abrasion tester:

  • LCD display with blue backlight;
  • Settable test cycles;
  • Easy to operate



Application of DIN abrasion tester

DIN abrasion tester is suitable for the abrasion resistance test of polyester soles, shoe soles and polymer sheet materials. When the abrasion wheel rotates, the sample wears on the abrasive sheet of certain abrasive grade to evaluate its wear performance. The tester features good reproducibility and easy operation.

During the test, the sample and the grinding wheel are subjected to a certain Angle of tilt and a certain load, and the abrasion of the sample is measured in a certain range.

△V = (W1- W2) x 200 / (Q (S)

W1: pre-grinding weight (mg)

W2: grinding weight (mg)

The abrasion of the emery cloth should be between 200 ±20mg. If it is too sharp, please rough it with coarse grinding and correct it. When the abrasion is insufficient, please change the sand cloth so as not to affect the accuracy of the test.

DIN abrasion tester complies with ASTM D5963, DIN 53516, EN ISO 20344, GB/T 9867, GB/T 20991, GB/T 26703 and ISO 4649.

If you need more information about DIN abrasion tester, please contact us.



Standards of DIN abrasion tester

ASTM D5963 DIN 53516 EN ISO 20344 GB/T 9867 GB/T 20991 GB/T 26703 ISO 4649


Some standards might not be the full version; to read the full version for free, write an email to [email protected].
Please contact the administrator to get any violations removed.

Key specification

Key specification of DIN abrasion tester  

Diameter of roller 150mm
Rotating speed of roller 40±1rpm
Horizontal speed of clamp 4.2±0.06mm per cycle
Test method Auto/Manual
Load 2.5N, 5N, 10N
Power supply AC220V, 50Hz
Dimensions 950*660*310mm (L*W*H)
Weight 55kg

1 review for DIN 53516 ISO 4649 DIN Abrasion Tester DW5440

  1. Victor

    Works well, no extra noise, instructions I should read someday, the instrument prompts you through the whole testing process

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