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Draw Force Tester For Filament YG367

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Draw Force Tester is used for stress determination of POY filament after heating and drawing via software.

Draw Force Tester 

YG367 Full-Automatic Draw Force Tester for Filament is used for the stress determination of POY filament after heating and drawing. Test data such as thermal stress average, maximum, minimum, mean square deviation, CV value, etc. can be obtained and saved via the software conveniently.

Follows are  features :

  • Main machine adopts high performance 32-bit SCM;
  • Precise force measurement;
  • Main motor drive adopts famous brand AC servo motor and driver. One motor controls the godet wheel and draft wheel simultaneously to ensure constant draft ratio;
  • Famous brand constant tension device is adopted to ensure stable yarn tension, which can be set automatically according to the specifications of different yarn. No need to operate manually;
  • Temperature controller and solid-state relay ensure the uniformity of heating temperature.



Application of  Draw Force Tester 

Draw Force Tester For Filament consists of control system, drive system, heating system, force measuring system. It suit for stress determination of POY filament .

If you need more information about Draw Force Tester For Filament Please contact with us.


Draw Force Tester For Filament Standards  

Key specification

Key specification of Draw Force Tester 

Load range 0~500cN
Load resolution 0.01cN
Load accuracy ≤±0.5%
Elongation accuracy 0.01mm
Draw speed 10 m/min~400 m/min, adjustable
Pretension range 0.5cN~50.0cN
Draft ratio 1.6, 1.65, 1.7 (chosen by customers. Different

draft ratios require replacement of draft wheels)

Heating temperature room temperature~300℃
Power supply AC220V, 50Hz, 800W
Air supply 0.4MPa~0.6MPa
Environmental requirements Temperature: (20±5)℃; Humidity: <70%RH
Dimensions Main machine: 800×700×1700mm (L×W×H)


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