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Dry Sieve Test Apparatus DW1330D

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Dry Sieve Test Apparatus which also named ASTM D4751 Dry Sieve Test Apparatus. Dry Sieve Test Apparatus which is a method for determining the characteristic aperture of a single layer of geotextile and its related products for dry screening. It suit for all types of geotextiles .

Dry Sieve Test Apparatus DW1330D 

Dry Sieve Test Apparatus is used to determine the apparent/equivalent opening size of a geotextile.

The effective aperture determination apparatus (dry sieve method) is suitable for the determination of the effective aperture of geotextile and composite geotextile. Dry sieve method, the relevant requirements, its performance meet the national standards applicable to the geological, metallurgical, chemical, coal, defense, scientific research, grinding wheel, cement, construction and other departments for material in the laboratory and laboratory of sieve analysis.

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Follows are Dry Sieve Test Apparatus specification :

  • Mechanical sieve shaker vibrates smoothly and efficiently;
  • Two vibration mode: lateral and vertical;
  • Vibrating time is settable;
  • Digital display of time.


Application of Dry Sieve Test Apparatus

Dry Sieve Test Apparatus is used to determine the apparent/equivalent opening size of a geotextile by sieving sized glass beads through the geotextile, using the dry-sieve principle. A geotextile specimen is placed in a sieve frame and sized glass beads are placed on the geotextile surface. The geotextile and frame are shaken laterally so that the jarring motion will induce the beads to pass through the test specimen. The procedure is repeated on the same specimen with various size glass beads until its apparent opening size has been determined. The apparent opening size (O90/O95) of the geotextile corresponds to a specified size of graded glass beads passed (d90/d95).

Dry Sieve Analysis Test complies with ASTM D4751 etc international and retailer standards.

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Standard of Dry Sieve Test Apparatus 

ASTM D4751


Some standards might not be the full version; to read the full version for free, write an email to [email protected].
Please contact the administrator to get any violations removed.

Key specification

Key specification of Dry Sieve Test Apparatus

Inner diameter of sieves Ф200mm
Sieve material Aluminium
Number of sieves 5
Superimposed height of sieves 400mm
Amplitude 8mm
Lateral vibration frequency 221times/min
Vertical vibration frequency 147times/min
Radius of gyration 12.5mm
Timer range 0~99h99min
Power supply 380V three-phase
Package dimensions 620×460×1130mm (L×W×H)
Gross weight 160kg


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