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Electronic Evenness Tester DW0311D

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Electronic Evenness Tester is used to determine the evenness of roving or silver. It use electronic sensor to detect the thickness and unevenness of fiber whisker. It is an intelligent detection instrument which can replace manual statistical operation, detection precision and testing efficiency.

Electronic Evenness Tester DW0311D

Electronic evenness tester does not need to be tested under the condition of constant temperature and humidity. It can be used for on-line automatic control in industrial field, and information feedback can be realized timely.

Follows are features of Electronic Evenness Tester:

  • Be able to input various types of characters
  • Real-timely display the curve
  • Be able to save the data automatically in the case that the machine is out of power abruptly
  • Be able to retrieve 30 pieces of old data at most and print report forms or curve graphics
  • Testing environment does not need to meet the requirement of constant temperature and constant humidity.
  • Be able to examine specimens of different dielectric-coefficient fibers without being affected by the humidity of different parts of specimens


Application of Electronic Evenness Tester

Different dielectric coefficient fiber blended samples can be tested, and the humidity uniformity of each section of samples will not affect the precision of the instrument . Apply an electronic sensor to simple the operation and automatically carry out the test and the calculation.


Electronic Evenness Tester standards

WD 4001

Key specification

Key specification of Electronic Evenness Tester

Display LCD
Measurement range 160~650tex
Resolution 0.01mm
Width of idler pulley slot 1.58mm and 3.17/4.60mm
Circumferential velocity of idler pulley 1950mm/min
Testing length 1~20m (digitally set)
Testing units mm, μm, mil
Dimensions 590×450×510mm (L×W×H)
Power supply AC220V 50HZ 60W


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