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Shore Hardness Tester LX/HS Serials

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Shore Hardness Tester,also named Shore durometer which is used to determine Shore hardness of plastics ,rubbers and other materials.

Shore Hardness Tester LX/HS Serials

Durometer is used to make the impact pin fall from a certain height to the surface of the material under test. The plunger pin is a small cone with a tip, often tipped with a diamond. Hardness is indicated by the measured height of the pin bounce. Shore hardness tester is used to determine the shore hardness of ferrous and nonferrous metals.

Follows are Shore Hardness Tester Specification :

  • Shore hardness shows by pointer/digit, convenient to read hardness value;
  • Handheld design, easy to carry, can be hand-held or installed on the support frame.


Application of Shore Hardness Tester

It Used to determine the hardness of rubber, plastics, metal materials, etc. In the rubber, plastics industry is often called Shore Hardness Tester.

The parameters used to measure rubber and plastics are called shore hardness.


Shore Hardness Tester standards

Key specification

Key specification of Shore Hardness Tester

Type HS-A: Digital
LX-A: Dial
HS-C: Digital
LX-C: Dial
HS-D: Digital
LX-D: Dial
Applicable materials HS-A,LX-A: Plastic, leather, rubber, wax, etc.
HS-C,LX-C: Foam, sponge, micro-porous materials, etc
HS-D ,LX-D: hard rubber, hard resin, glass, thermoplastic, etc.
Measuring range HS-A,LX-A: 0~100HA
HS-C,LX-C: 0~100HC
HS-D,LX-D : 0~100HD
Measuring range (recommended) HS-A,LX-A: 10~90HA
HS-C,LX-C: 10~90HC
HS-D,LX-D: 20~90HD
Travel of indenter 2.5mm for all
Indenter head size HS-A,LX-A: Ф0.79mm
HS-C,LX-C: SR2.5mm
HS-D ,LX-D: SR0.1mm


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