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Geotextile Tensile Creep Tester DW1290

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Geotextile Tensile Creep Tester,also named Creep tester,Creep Testing Machine, Creep Tester For Geosynthetics,Creep test apparatus or Creep Testing System Which is used for the determination of creep creep and tensile creep fracture of geotextile and its related products.FYI- best Geotextile Tensile Creep Tester Supplier and manufacture in china for Geosynthetics Testing research .

Geotextile Tensile Creep Tester DW1290 

Geotextile Tensile Creep Tester is used to determine the tensile creep and creep rupture . Through long-term loads of laboratory creep test of geosynthetic materials, studies the force’s CE131 geonet creep characteristics and its influencing factors, at the same time, discusses the force CE131 geonet creep rupture until the destruction of the occurrence and development mechanism, and through the analysis of experimental results, obtained CE131 geonet creep equation of force. When an external load for the ultimate tensile strength of the cs by more than 60%, after more than 25 ℃, temperature creep force of CE131 geonet variables are significantly affected by temperature change; When the stress level is below 40%, or the temperature is less than 25 ℃, the force of CE131 geonet creep temperature effect.

Follows are Geosynthetics Creep Tester specification :

  • Safe design: the motor is equipped inside the creep tester machine;
  • Simple operation: put specimen in, then start motor, close the working chamber at last;
  • Durable;
  • Advanced functions such as temperature control and normal pressure can be customized according to the customer requirements.


Application of Geotextile Tensile Creep Tester

Geotextile Tensile Creep Tester is used to determine the tensile creep and creep rupture behavior of geotextiles, geomembranes and geogrids.

Creep properties of geosynthetic materials related to many factors, such as the types of reinforcement material, temperature, damage, load level and confining conditions, etc., make indoor test difficult to simulate the actual situation, this determines the complexity of the creep test, creep process developed slowly at the same time, need a long observation time continuous research. But creep is the key to determining whether a reinforced soil can be used for a permanent project. Creep characteristics affect the long-term character of reinforced soil structure, and creep or stress release may cause the change of stress state in reinforced soil structure, resulting in loss of stability or excessive deformation. Therefore, the long-term creep of geosynthetic materials is predicted.

Creep Testing  System Complies with ISO 13431, ASTM D5262 etc international and retailer standards.

If you need more information about  Creep Test Apparatus. Please contact with us


Standard of Geotextile Tensile Creep  Tester 

ISO 13431 ASTM D5262


Some standards might not be the full version; to read the full version for free, write an email to [email protected]
Please contact the administrator to get any violations removed.

Key specification

Key specification of Geotextile Tensile Creep Tester

Tester type Horizontal (DW1290DH )
Vertical(DW1290MV )
Loading mode Electronic (DW1290DH )
Mechanical (DW1290MV )
Capacity 0~50KN (DW1290DH )
0~20KN (DW1290MV )
Load resolution 0.01KN (DW1290DH )
0.001KN (DW1290MV )
Number of working position 1 (DW1290DH )
3 or customized (DW1290MV )
Displacement range 550mm (DW1290DH )
900mm(DW1290MV )
Displacement accuracy 0.03mm (DW1290DH )
0.02mm (DW1290MV )


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