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Horizontal Vertical Flammability Tester HV04

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Horizontal &Vertical Flammability Tester is used to determine the resistance of inner material of planes to fire according to the vertical and horizontal flammability test in Part I in Appendix F to FAR 25.

Horizontal Vertical Flammability Tester HV04

Horizontal vertical Flammability Tester is developed base on CCAR25-A. It is applied to measure the fire resistance of aircraft material.

Follows are features of flammability test machine :

  • Auto electric ignition with randomly settable igniting time of 0~99.99;
  • Imported needle valve to precisely control the gas flow and adjust the flame height to be 38mm;
  • Flame temperature is verified to be approximate 843oC in factory and a device (optional) can be equipped to measure it;
  • Imported pressure gauge and pressure regulating valve to adjust the gas pressure;
  • Bensen burner as igniter with its inner diameter of 9.5mm;
  • Auto recording and saving of datum of up to 6 test specimens;

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Horizontal &Vertical Flammability Tester Standard

CCAR-25 Appendix F FAR-25 Appendix F Part I

Key specification

Key specification of Horizontal &Vertical Flammability Tester

Burner type Bensen burner
I.D. of burner 9.5mm
Flame height Manually adjustable, standard: 38mm
Flame center temperature ≥843oC(1550oF), verified in factory
Distance between lower edge of
specimen and top edge of burner
Igniting time 0~99.99s, randomly settable
12s and 60s for vertical test
15s for horizontal test
Inner size of test chamber 305×305×610mm(L×W×H)
Gas required Methane, propane, butane, petrol
liquefied gas or other combustible gas
Power supply AC220V 50Hz

1 review for Horizontal Vertical Flammability Tester HV04

  1. Ravikant Nishad

    We are looking to purchase a Flammability Tester of standard UL94 V0, V1, v2

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