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astm d1238 Melt Flow Testers DW5450A

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Melt Flow Tester, also named Melt flow indexer, MFR index tester or Melt flow index tester. In plastic processing, melt flow rate is an important index to measure the fluidity of plastic melt. The structural factors of the polymer can be studied by measuring the flow rate of plastics.

astm d1238 Melt Flow Tester DW5450A

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Melt Flow testing equipment is MFR Flow index tester to mainly used to test the melt flow rate of various high polymers in the viscous flow state, which is suitable for the polycarbonate, polyaromatic sulfone, fluorine and so on.

Melt Flow Tester is used to determine the melt mass flow rate (MFR) of thermoplastic materials, such as engineering plastics of high melting temperature including polycarbonate, nylon, fluoroplastic and other plastics of low melting temperature including polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene acetal resins and ABS under specified conditions of temperature and load.

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Follows are features of Melt Flow Testers

  • Automatically control temperature and cut materials
  • Test item: MFR
  • LCD to display eight pieces of experimental data and average value at most;
  • The temperature can rise up rapidly and to be kept stably


Application of Melt Flow Testers

Melt Flow Testers is used for measure melt flow rate when the viscous flow state MFR value, it applies to the polycarbonate, higher temperature of aromatic sulfone, fluorine plastic, nylon and other engineering plastics, can also be applied to polyethylene (PE), polystyrene (PS), polypropylene (PP), ABS resin, polyformaldehyde (POM), polycarbonate (PC) resin with lower melting temperature,

They are widely applicable to petrochemical, plastic material, plastic manufacturing, plastic product and other industries and related inspection departments, scientific and research institutes and academies.

Melt Flow Testers complies with ISO 1133 ASTM D1238, BS EN 1411, GB/T 3682 etc international and retailer standards.

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Standards of Melt Flow Testers

ISO 1133 ASTM D1238 BS 2782 GB/T 3682


Some standards might not be the full version; to read the full version for free, write an email to [email protected].
Please contact the administrator to get any violations removed.

Key specification

Key specification of Melt Flow Testers 

Measuring range 0.1~100g/10min (MFR)
Temperature control 100~450℃
Temperature accuracy ≤0.2℃
Display resolution 0.1℃
Display mode LCD
Time accuracy 0.01s
Cut mode Automatically
Accuracy of displacement measurement ±0.01mm(≤30mm)
Die diameter: 2.095mm
Power supply AC220V 50Hz


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