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Thermal Cycling Tester DW5380

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Thermal Cycling Tester, also named Thermal Recycling Testers, Pipe Thermal Cycling Tester or Hot and Cold Water Cycling Tester. It is suitable for all kinds of plastic pipes and pipe fittings according to the requirements of the standard after assembly testing of pipeline system, within the piping system under a certain pressure, hot and cold temperature variations within the given time, finishing experiments, check leakage, burst pipes and fittings.

Thermal Cycling Tester DW5380

Thermal Cycling Tester consists of sample chamber, cold water tank (with chiller & heat exchanger), hot water tank with heaters and electric control panel. Lockable transparent folding doors make samples installation more easily and allow easy access to all samples from three sides;

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Follows are features of Thermal Cycling Tester

  • Testing control and monitoring of individually station takes over PLC and touch screen terminal. Testing results are easily transferred to MicrosoftExcel for further processing;
  • Individual circulation time, flow rate and pressure can be selected;
  • It provides the test constancy as regards to temperature, pressure and flow rate as well as lowering the energy consumption;
  • Several reliable safeguard, e.g. liquid level measuring devices, emergency stop switch and cord switch ensure the tester to be out of action in time if the test fails or piping system bursts. Doors shall be locked during testing period;
  • High quality multilevel centrifugal pumps are used to provide pressure in sample stirrings. Automatic water filling design ensures full tank capacity during the whole time;
  • Circulating pump to ensure uniform temperature;
  • Variable-frequency speed controller to stabilizethe pressure;
  • Pressure transducer to supply the acquisition signal of pressure;
  • Thermal-insulation cold/hot stainless steel water tank to supply cold/hot water for testing;
  • Stainless steel temperature sensor to acquire temperature signals of water tank and water inlet/outlet;


Application of Thermal Cycling Test

Thermal Cycling Test is mainly used to determine the leakage status of composite pipes & fittings when subjected to specified cycles of temperature alternation (alternation of cold water and warm water) under specified internal pressure load. It consists of sample chamber, cold water tank (with chiller & heat exchanger), hot water tank with heaters and electric control panel.

Thermal Cycling Test complies with ISO 10508, EN 12293 etc international and retailer standards.

If you need more information about Thermal Cycling Test Machine. Please contact with us.


Standards of Thermal Cycling Test

ISO 10508 EN 12293


Some standards might not be the full version; to read the full version for free, write an email to [email protected].
Please contact the administrator to get any violations removed.

Key specification

Key specification of Thermal Cycling Test

Pressure range 4.00bar~12.00bar (0.400Mpa~1.200Mpa)
Pressure controlling accuracy ±0.05Mpa
Test positions 6
Max. external diameter of sample pipe Φ63mm
Alternation time between hot and cold water No more than 1min
Cycle period 300s~1200s
Number of cycles 1~100000,selectable
Temperature range of cold water 20oC to RT(room temperature),settable
Temperature range of hot water RT to 95oC,settable
Temperature controlling accuracy of cold water ±2oC
Temperature controlling accuracy of hot water ±1oC
Temperature display error 1oC
Power supply AC380V 50Hz, 25kW
Overall dimensions 4500×3000×2000mm(L×W×H)


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