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HDT/Vicat Tester DW5340J

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HDT/Vicat Tester, also named HDT/VICAT Heat Deflection Testers which is mainly used to do the HDT test and Vicat test for non-metal materials: such as plastic, rubber, nylon and electrical insulating material. They are the perfect test tools for chemical industry, R&D department and academies or colleges.

HDT/Vicat Tester DW5340J

DW5340J-100 Series HDT/Vicat Softening Temperature Tester is mainly used to determine the heat deflection temperature and Vicat softening temperature of plastics, ebonite, nylon, electric insulation materials, long-fiber-reinforced composite materials, high-strength thermosetting laminated materials and other non-metallic materials, as an index of controlling quality and identifying thermal property of new products.

This machine complies with the following standards:

HDT: GB/T 1634, ISO 75, ASTM D648

VST :GB/T 1633, 8802, ISO 306, 2507, ASTM D1525

Follows are features of HDT/Vicat softening temperature Tester

  • Single chip microcomputer control, PID control output, real-time key storage, query test results, withupper limit temperature setting, automaticallystops heating when the test temperature reaches the upper limit temperature;
  • LED digital tube display, the test results are straightforward;
  • High reliability and precision, easy to operate.


Application of HDT/Vicat Tester

“HDT” test means the test determines the temperature at which a specified deflection occurs when a standard test specimen is subjected to a bending stress, to produce one of the nominal surface stresses according to international standards.

This test is important for both quality control and research into plastics.

“VICAT” test means the test determines the temperature at which a standard indenter penetrates 1mm into the surface of a test specimen under load.

It is used to establish the difference between many types of thermoplastic materials with regard to their softening properties.

If you need more information about HDT/ Vicat Tester. Please contact with us.


HDT/Vicat Tester standards

HDT GB/T 1634 ISO 75, ASTM D648
VST GB/T 1633, 8802 ISO 306, 2507, ASTM D1525


Some standards might not be the full version; to read the full version for free, write an email to [email protected].
Please contact the administrator to get any violations removed.

Key specification

Key specification of HDT/Vicat Tester

Working positions DW5340J-1002: 2

DW5340J-1003: 3

DW5340J-1004: 4


Temperature range RT ~ 300℃
Heating rate 50℃/h, 120℃/h
Max. temperature error ±0.5℃
Deformation measuring range 0~1.1mm
Max. deformation error ±0.01mm
Heating medium methyl silicone oil (prepared by custom)
Cooling method Natural cooling (>150℃),

Water cooling or natural cooling (<150℃)

Power supply AC220V, 50Hz
Dimensions 910*560*720mm (L*W*H)

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