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Manhole Mechanical Properties Tester DWICM

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Manhole Mechanical Properties Tester which also named Plastic Manholes Mechanical Tester or Manhole Mechanical Property tester. Manhole Mechanical Properties testing equipment is mainly used for the determination of mechanical properties such as well seat, manhole well seat and wellbore.

Manhole Mechanical Properties Tester DWICM

Manhole Mechanical Properties Tester is designed to determine the performance of Inspection chamber, manhole frame as well as manhole wall.

Follows are features of Manhole Mechanical Properties Tester

  • Two column Gate-type structure with super high rigidity, test speed can be controlled in a large range, wide speed control range, gapless ball bearing makes the machine stable and durable;
  • Digital AC servo system and piecewise linear correction method ensures the high accuracy and stability of system;
  • Professional structure of shearing units and main machine make it easy to install the clamp device for manholes base. Bridge structure of load sensors enhance the anti-bias for big pipes;
  • Unique cable type inner diameter measuring system track the deformation of inner diameter. It is easy to install sample and carry out measurement;
  • With protection functions of overload, over current, over face and over temperature, and multi protection methods have been set in mechanical & electrical part and software system;


Application of Manhole Mechanical Properties Tester

Manhole Mechanical Properties Tester is used for the determination of mechanical properties such as well seat, manhole well seat and wellbore. Suitable for plastic inspection shaft well base shear resistance test, the plastic base inspection shaft well axial load capacity test, can also be applied to the determination of thermoplastic pipe ring stiffness, flat test, ring compliance test. Meet the requirements of PE double wall corrugated pipe, winding tube and various plastic pipe testing standards. It also supports the expansion creep ratio test function.

It is a necessary testing instrument for the scientific research institutes, quality inspection departments and tubing manufacturers.

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Manhole Mechanical Properties Tester standards

BS EN 13598-1- 2003 ASTM D2412-2002 CJ/T 326-2006 CJ/T 233-2006
GB/T 9647-2003 GB/T 18042-2000 GB/T 5352-2005


Some standards might not be the full version; to read the full version for free, write an email to [email protected].
Please contact the administrator to get any violations removed.

Key specification

Key specification of Manhole Mechanical Properties Tester

Max. test load 30KN
Load accuracy ±1%
Load resolution 1N
Test speed 0.5~200mm/min, adjustable
Speed error ±1%
Inner diameter measuring range Φ300~Φ2000mm
Inner diameter measuring accuracy ±0.5%
Press plat size 450*400mm
Manhole base range Φ315~Φ1200mm
Steel belt width 100mm
Power supply AC220V 50Hz, 1.5kVA
Safety protection degree IP55
Dimensions of main machine 1360mm×650mm×3400mm
Weight of main machine 600Kg


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