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Oxidative Induction Time Tester DW1470

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Oxidative Induction Time Tester(OIT), also one type of  special Differential Scanning Calorimeter is an intelligent and miniaturized thermal analysis instrument, mainly used to measure the changes of physical and chemical with the heat.with OIT(Oxidative Induction Time Tester) software, then DSC can measure OIT value

Oxidative Induction Time Tester DW1470

Oxidative Induction Time Tester is especially suitable for determining the oxidative induction time(OIT) of plastic or rubber material. the time is used as indication of the oxidative thermal stability of plastic or rubber materials. this unit is also can be used to measure the temperature of the polymer (e.g. PP-R, PE), such as extrapolated onset temperature, enthalpy change, glass transition temperature, enthalpy change ratio and so on.

but it need extral spare parts and software.

Follows are features of Oxidative Induction Time tester

  • Integrative design with less signal loss and less interference;
  • Small-scale heating furnace with less thermal inertia to linearly heat samples from the beginning of room temperature and more precise constant-temperature control;
  • Two thermometers: one to real-timely display temperature in the heating furnace; the other to display temperature on samples during test;
  • Perfect air control system consisting of two air passages to control air flow in quality and automatic system to switch Nitrogen to Oxygen during test;
  • Automatically measure oxidative induction time and protract a curve;
  • Automatically draw the tangent, seek an intersection and get the time length between the intersection and the point where Nitrogen is switched to Oxygen;
  • Large LCD screen to real-timely display state of the instrument and test data;
  • Automatically create test report.
  • For more information, you can also visit the website:


Application of Oxidative Induction Time Tester

DW1470 Oxidative Induction Time Tester is used to measure the oxidative induction time (OIT) of plastic or rubber materials. The time is used as an indication of the oxidative thermal stability of plastic or rubber materials. When samples are placed into the rack of the instrument and protected in Nitrogen, heat them at the rate of 20℃/min until the temperature reaches 200℃±0.1℃; Hold the temperature for 7 minutes and then quickly switch Nitrogen to Oxygen. Samples will react with Oxygen to produce heat energy. Curve of change in temperature will be recorded and the time when there is an obvious change on the curve is regarded as the oxidative induction time.


Standards Of Oxidative Induction Time Tester

STANDARDS GB/T 17391 ISO/TR 10837 ASTM D3895

Note: this Oxidative Induction Time tester can conform to but not limit to all the standards above, for more standards conformance, please contact us.

Some standards might not be the full version; to read the full version for free, write an email to [email protected].
Please contact the administrator to get any violations removed.

Key specification

Key specification of Oxidative Induction Time tester

DSC range ±10, ±20, ±40, ±100, ±160, ±200mW, Automatic switching
Temperature range Room temperature ~ 500℃
Temperature accuracy ±0.1℃
Heating speed 1~30℃/min
Specification of crucible Material: Aluminum,
Dimension: Φ6.7mm×2.5mm
Gas supply Nitrogen and oxygen, need to be prepared by customer
Gas flow ≤200ml/min
Gas pressure 0.2MPa
Gas control Automatic switching
Data interface USB interface
Power supply AC220V 50Hz (Ensure reliable grounding. The power supply must be maintained stable with no frequent fluctuation, in order to avoid any influence on the test result.)

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