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Pad-Thermosol Range PT-J300

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PT-J300 Pad-thermosol Range with infrared zone is suitable for working out dye formulas and for research work.

Pad-Thermosol Range PT-J300

Follows are the features of Pad-Thermosol Range :

  • Whole body made of SUS304 plate;
  • Main driving system consisting of stainless steel chain and clip;
  • Frequency-conversion motor, randomly adjustable;
  • Special clip bars used for pieces of fabric, not necessary to wait for a long time and with high efficiency;
  • NBR rollers and pneumatic pressure;
  • Thin-film air cylinders, auto-restoration when interruption of power supply, on deviation on the left and right side and good performance on repeatability;
  • 12 pieces of 400W IR heating tubes, even heat output and high heating efficiency;
  • Hot-air recycle to maintain temperature within ±(1~2)℃;
  • 9KW heating power separately for IR preheat chamber and the dry chamber, rapid to reach the set temperature;
  • Equipped with water sprayer and compressed gas gun.


Application of Pad-Thermosol Range PT-J300

PT-J300 Pad-thermosol Range with infrared zone is suitable for working out dye formulas and for research work. Pad-Infrared ray pre-heater-intermediate dyer thermosol. On this type of machine, the test fabric padded by the horizontal pneumatic-type padder is held on both ends by special clip bars; this complete sample holder is mounted on the chains which are running endlessly through the machine. The test fabric is first led through the infrared pre-heater, then the intermediate dryer and finally the thermosoling zone. After testing, the test fabric is taken off automatically from the carrying chains and drops down into the reserve box.

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Pad-Thermosol Range standards

Key specification

Key specification of Pad-Thermosol Range

Roller material NBR(Nitrile-butadiene Rubber)
Roller width 300mm
Roller diameter Φ125mm
Roller hardness 70°in shore
Roller pressure 0.03~0.6Mpa, pneumatic and adjustable
Dyestuff trough capacity 150cc
IR heater Comprising of 12 pieces of 400W IR heating tubes
IR preheat distance 2000mm
Temperature of IR preheat chamber 20oC~150oC, heating power of 9KW
Drying distance 1700mm
Temperature of drying chamber 20oC~240oC, heating power of 9KW
Fan power for IR preheat chamber 0.75KW
Fan power for drying chamber 0.75KW
Power supply AC380V 50Hz, three-phase, 25KW
Dimensions 3400×1300×3300mm(L×W×H)
Weight Approx. 2500KG


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