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Lab Dyeing Machine ACCDYER-24 /ACCDYER-18

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Lab Dyeing Machine is a laboratory sample dyeing machine. It is  a state of the art dyeing instrument. This laboratory dyeing machine produces more accurate lab sample dyeing with level and re-producible results with a low liquor ratio for diverse fibers. FYI supply different lab dyeing machine such as sample yarn dyeing machine, cone dyeing machine, fiber dyeing machine, garment dyeing machine for lab use.

Lab Dyeing Machine ACCDYER-24 /ACCDYER-18

Lab Dyeing machine is applicable for various materials, such loose fibers, yarn and pieces of fabric (knitted fabric and woven fabric) which suit for lab dyeing .

Follows are lab dyeing equipments specification :

  • PLC controller to control temperature and LCD display;
  • LED display of speed of rotating rack;
  • New-designed electric heater, stable, durable and maximum heating power less than 2.5kW;
  • Average power consumption less than 100W when compensation for heat preservation;
  • 316L stainless steel beakers;
  • Single-directional strong wind for cooling;
  • Low liquor ratio up to 1:5;
  • Be able to edit and store 100 programs and 100 steps per program;


Application of Lab Dyeing Machine

Lab Dyeing Machine produces more accurate lab sample dyeing with level and re-producible results with a low liquor ratio for diverse fibers.

This is new generation of versatile lab dyeing machine adopts new structure of patented technology, heat method and temperature control method with our own proprietary intellectual property rights.

With accurate temperature controlling and stable repeatability, it is precisely used for dyeing trial and sample duplication on the site. With the new design concept of environmental protection and economy, it can achieve the dyeing trial with high saving and zero discharge, easy and simple operation.

If you need more information about Electric Heating Dyeing Machine, Please contact with us.


Lab Dyeing Machine standards

Key specification

Key specification of Lab Dyeing Machine

Beaker number ACCEYER-18  : 18 CUPS
Beaker capacity 300ml
Temperature range RT~140°C
Temperature accuracy ±0.5°C
Max. heat rate 5.5°C/min
Max. cool rate 5°C/min from temperature higher than 100°C
Max. dyeable sample 30g/beaker
Programmable dyeing process 100 programs, 100 steps for each program
Speed 0-50rpm, adjustable
Power supply AC220V/50Hz, 2.5kW
Dimensions 800×800×800mm(L×W×H)
Weight Approx. 150kg

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