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Dyeing Lab Machine-1

Dyeing Lab Machine-1

The dyeing lab is an organization that conducts dyeing tests. Before the dyeing factory conducts mass production, it is necessary to carry out dyeing tests in the dyeing lab with dyeing lab machine to make the dyeing results more perfect. Then let’s take a look at what types of instruments are in the dyeing lab.

Types of dyeing lab machine

Dyeing lab machine can be divided into fiber dyeing machine, yarn dyeing machine and fabric dyeing machine according to different dyeing products; According to the different temperature and pressure required for dyeing, it can be divided into normal temperature and pressure dyeing machine and HTHP dyeing machine. According to different dyeing methods, it can be divided into intermittent dip-dyeing machine and continuous pad dyeing machine.

In this paper, the dyeing lab machine is classified according to the different temperature and pressure. The commonly used dyeing machine includes IR dyeing machine, winch dyeing machine, jigger dyeing machine , garments dyeing machine and so on.

HTHP Dyeing Machine

RHS Series IR Dyeing Machine

IR dyeing lab machine
IR dyeing lab machine


RHS Series Infra Colour Dyeing Machine is a state of the art dyeing instrument with IR heating, producing accurate sample dyeing and reproducible results.


  • Patented IR heating technology at an affordable price;
  • Use latest IR heating technology, instead of traditional two-positioned IR heating system, to avoid uneven heating for beakers;
  • PLC temperature control system;
  • Seamless stainless steel beakers, easy cleaning;
  • Clean and fast handling of beakers as well as samples;
  • Air cooling system, no need for water source and can reduce operation cost.

Key Specification

Number of beakers12/24
Liquor ratioMin. 1:5
Temperature rangeRT~135℃
Beaker capacity300ml
Heat power4*1.2kW
Heat transmissionIR heating
Cool fan power200W
Drive motor power370W
Rotation speed0~50r/min, adjustable
Power SupplyAC220V, 50Hz/AC380V, 50Hz

ACCDYER-12L/23L Dyeing Lab Machine

ACCDYER Dyeing Lab Machine
ACCDYER Dyeing Lab Machine


ACCDYER-12L/23L Dyeing Lab Machine, also called mini dyeing machine, is an electromagnetic heating dyeing machine. Its unique design of simultaneously moving fabric and dye liquor realizes sufficient permeability of dye liquor to fabrics and achieves uniform coloring in the tension-free environment. Owing to the characteristics of simple operation, electricity saving, no requirement of steam, precise temperature control and ultra low liquor ratio, it can improve the color accuracy of dyeing, save dyeing cost for dyeing factories and material cost for garment factories and can check dyeing ability of gray fabrics for fabric manufacturing factories.

Key Specification

Dye vat capacity12L/23L
Fabric weight50g~1kg/50g~3kg
Lowest liquor ratio1 : 4
Temperature range and accuracyRT~135℃, ±0.5℃ when constant temperature
Heat methodElectromagnetic heating
Max. heating rate3℃/min
Cooling methodAir-cooling
Max. cooling rate when temp. > 80oC3℃/min
Editable dyeing process100 programs (100 steps for each)
Power supplyAC220V,50HZ/AC380V, 50Hz

ACCDYER-24 Dyeing Lab Machine


ACCDYER-24 Dyeing Lab Machine is a state of the art dyeing instrument. This unit produces more accurate lab sample dyeing with level and re-producible results with a low liquor ratio for diverse fibers. New generation of versatile lab dyeing machine adopts new structure of patented technology, heat method and temperature control method with our own proprietary intellectual property rights. With accurate temperature controlling and stable repeatability, it is precisely used for dyeing trial and sample duplication on the site. With the new design concept of environmental protection and economy, it can achieve the dyeing trial with high saving and zero discharge, easy and simple operation.

Lab Dyeing Machine
Lab Dyeing Machine

Key Specification

Beaker number24
Beaker capacity300ml
Temperature rangeRT~140℃
Temperature accuracy±0.5℃
Max. heat rate5.5℃/min
Max. cool rate5 ℃/min from temperature higher than 100℃
Rotating rack speed0~50rpm
Max. dyeable sample30g/beaker
Programmable dyeing process100 programs, 100 steps for each program
Power supplyAC220V, 50Hz, 1 phase

DW202B/241B Series Package Dyeing Machine


package dyeing machine
package dyeing machine

DW202B/241B Series Package Dyeing Machine is specially-designed dyeing machine used to dye package yarn under high temperature and high pressure. What’s more, DW241B is equipped with dye stuff auxiliary supplying system, so suitable for dyeing cotton yarn as well as polyester yarn, wool yarn, etc. DW202B has one dyeing cylinder. Water and dyestuff are added into the cylinder firstly and mixed evenly. Then place the package yarn into the cylinder. After the heating tube starts working, the temperature and pressure in the cylinder will rise and then the bobbin yarn can be dyed effectively in an environment of high temperature and high pressure.

DW241B has an extra service cylinder, connected to the main cylinder. Water and dyestuff are added into the service cylinder and mixed evenly while package yarn is placed in the main cylinder. The mixed dye liquor can be injected into the main cylinder. In the process of dyeing, user can add dye liquor through the service cylinder, no need to open the main cylinder repeatedly, improving efficiency and safety.

Key Specification

Capacity1, 3, 5, 12, 25, 35, 56, 108, 162, 216kg
Working pressure≤0.4MPa
Working temperature≤135oC
Heating rateFrom 20oC to 130oC (20min)
Cooling rateFrom 130oC to 80oC (25min)
Cooling liquid pressure0.3Mpa, 5~10℃
Heating methodSteam heating or electrical heating (please specify before placing order)
Liquor ratio1:8~1:10
Air supply0.6~0.7MPa
Power supplyAC380V 50Hz

HS Series HTHP Dyeing Lab Machine


HS Series HTHP Dyeing Lab Machine is a universal laboratory dyeing apparatus for formulation of production recipes. It is applicable to dye knitted fabric, woven fabric, yarn, loose fibers or zipper. It has a single dyeing bath with hinged lid and magnetic-valve-controlled water cooling coil and a washing sink.

High temperature dyeing machine
High temperature dyeing machine

Key Specification

Beaker volume250ml450ml250ml450ml
Beaker number12pcs12pcs24pcs24pcs
Max. dyeing temperature135°C
Thermostatic time0~99min
Max. program10
Steps for each program10
Mini. liquor ratio1:5
Heat mediumGlycerin
Rotating speed42rpm
Power supplyAC380V 50Hz

Due to space limitations, more details about normal temperature and pressure dyeing lab machines will be posted in the next article.

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