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Textile Medium-Batch Dyeing Machine ACCDYER-12L / 23L

Textile Medium-Batch Dyeing Machine also called mini dyeing machine, is an electromagnetic heating dyeing machine. Its unique design of simultaneously moving fabric and dye liquor realizes sufficient permeability of dye liquor to fabrics and achieves uniform coloring in the tension-free environment.


Textile Medium-Batch Dyeing Machine ACCDYER-12L / 23L

Textile Medium-Batch Dyeing Machine is a state of the art dyeing instrument. This unit produces more accurate lab sample dyeing with level and re-producible results with a low liquor ratio for diverse fibers.

Follows are Textile Medium-Batch Dyeing Machine specification :

  • Fabric and dye liquor move simultaneously in the pressure-resistant cylindrical dye vat to achieve uniform coloring in the tension-free environment;
  • Encircling rod to position fabric, ensure un-clotting of fabric and dyeing uniformity;
  • The liquor ratio can be as low as 1:4;
  • Electromagnetic heating and self-heating of the dye vat realize high heating efficiency;
  • Independent of steam, suitable to widely environment;
  • Dyeing controller directly controls the temperature of dye liquor to ensure the temperature accuracy;
  • Editable and storable process programs up to 100pieces, 100steps for each; latest 10 pieces of process programs can be inquired;


Application of Textile Medium-Batch Dyeing Machine

Textile Medium-Batch Dyeing Machine is an electromagnetic heating dyeing machine.Owing to the characteristics of simple operation, electricity saving, no requirement of steam, precise temperature control and ultra low liquor ratio, it can improve the color accuracy of dyeing, save dyeing cost for dyeing factories and material cost for garment factories and can check dyeing ability of gray fabrics for fabric manufacturing factories.

Program on the controller according to your dye requirement. Users can set the heating rate, temperature, temperature holding time by themselves.

It is better to set the heating speed between 1-3℃/min. Other parameters such as CORRECTION-TEMP, KEEP-TEMP-AD, LOWER-LIMIT, UPPER-LIMIT, PROPORTIONAL, INTEGRAL, DIFFERENTIAL are not allowed to be modified by users, otherwise We are not responsible for the temperature inaccuracy.

If you need more information about Textile Medium-Batch Dyeing Machine, Please contact with us.


Textile Medium-Batch Dyeing Machine standards

Key specification

Key specification of Textile Medium-Batch Dyeing Machine

Dye vat capacity ACCEYER-12: 12L
Fabric weight ACCEYER-12: 50g~1kg
ACCDYER-23L: 50g~3kg
Lowest liquor ratio 1 : 4
Temperature control range and accuracy RT~135°C, ±0.5°C when constant temperature
Heat method Electromagnetic heating
Max. heating rate 3°C/min
Cooling method Air-cooling
Max. cooling rate when temp. > 80°C 3°C/min
Editable dyeing process 100 programs (100 steps for each)
Environment requested Temperature: < 50°C
Humidity: 60% ~ 80%RH and well ventilated

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