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Winch Dyeing Machine WE-1

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Winch Dyeing Machine ,also named Lab Winch Dyeing Machine is designed for laboratory use of dyeing, boiling off, bleach and washing, etc. processing for all kinds of expensive natural fabric, and knitting fabric or woven fabric of blinding under normal temperature &normal pressure,etc.

Winch Dyeing Machine WE-1

Winch Dyeing Machine is suit for pre-treatment and post-treatment processing of warp, knitting, tatting fabrics which made by cotton, wool, silk, hemp, chemical fiber and other materials. It can process dyeing, bleaching, boiling, washing and etc.

Follows are Lab Winch Dyeing Machine specification :

  • Whole machine material is high strength corrosion-resistance stainless steel;
  • High-performance drive system, and equipped with high step-less adjustable motor to adapt to different material and processing capacity;
  • Heating method Steam or electrical;
  • Equipped with movable front door, easy to operate;
  • Equipped with lighting device on the top of machine to observe inner working situation of machine clearly;
  • Soft processing status to ensure that the material will not be harmed and will not produce feather.


Application of Winch Dyeing Machine

Winch Dyeing Machine is designed for laboratory use of dyeing, boiling off, bleach and washing, etc. processing for all kinds of expensive natural fabric etc.

Dying vat: is made of high strength corrosion-resistance stainless steel;, the inner wall and welding part have been polished and easy to clean. The fabric and the heating pipe are separated by the solid plate with holes. Machine equipped with Heat-treated glass and light use to observe the fabric. Content gauge and dial thermometer make the operation convenient.

The ring fabric end to end suture was guide by a rotary rack; process the dyeing by cyclical moving.

If you need more information about Lab Winch Dyeing Machine ,Please contact with us .


Winch Dyeing Machine standards

Key specification

Key specification of Winch Dyeing Machine

Dye tank volume 0.385 m3
Capacity 9kg (20pounds)
Liquor ratio l:10~18
Lifting speed 70m/min
Dyeing temperature ≤98℃
Vapor pressure 3~5 kg/cm2(Steam heating type)
Inlet diameter 2″ (Steam heating type)
1″(Electrical heating type)
Outlet diameter 3″(Steam heating type)
1½″(Electrical heating type)
Power 380V 0.75 kW, 1420r/min
Package dimension(L×W×H) 2100×1100×2350 mm
Weight (net/gross) 350/410kg

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