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Jigger Dyeing Machine JR350

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Atmospheric Jigger Dyeing Machine is also named Laboratory Jigger Dyeing Machine which widely suitable for dyeing test of cotton, linen, fiber glue and artificial fiber etc., and can simulate the production and dyeing machine. Especially suit for Lab research and University .FYI is best manufacturer and supplier for Jig dyeing machine and supply goods solution for Dyeing machine .

Jigger Dyeing Machine JR350

JR350 Atmospheric Laboratory Jigger Dyeing Machine is suitable for the dyeing test of various fabrics, such as cotton, linen cloth, viscose, man-made fiber, etc. It’s able to achieve the low liquor ratio bleaching and dyeing, and really simulate the production jigger dyeing machines.

Especially designed for the requirements of dyeing and finishing enterprise to test the dye formula before quantity production, JR350 Atmospheric Laboratory Jigger Dyeing Machine simulates the requirements for parameters in real production process, such as speed, temperature, tension, etc. as nearly as possible. Compared with production machinery, JR350 has small size, consumes small quantity of dye, and shortens testing process, so it is easier to change the dye formula and find the suitable dye formula in short time. Therefore, JR350 has been well welcomed by many dyeing and finishing enterprises.

Follows are jigger dyeing machine specifications:

  • Operating Interface: The human-machine interface on the color touch screen is easy for operat The testing process can be programmed, convenient for users to preset dyeing technics;
  • Constant Fabric Speed: The constant linear speed dyeing of fabric is realized by PLC and speed measurement system;
  • Temperature Control: The dye liquor temperature is uniform by heating outside the dyeing trough. Automatic temperature control system can precisely control the temperature of dye liquor in the dyeing trough, and digitally display the temperature;
  • Tension Adjustment: The tension can be applied to the cloth by the linear speed difference between the main rollers. The tension can be maintained constant and adjusted by inputting the tension value through the interface. The tension frame helps control the tension, making the tension more even during the dyeing process.
  • Controller: Industrial Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), which has high reliability and advanced anti-interference ability;
  • Structural Design: Modular design, which is convenient for precise production and performance exp The especially designed cloth-guiding structure is convenient and reliable, easy to install and dismantle;
  • Dyeing Trough: SUS304 stainless steel construction, antirust and durable. The trapezoidal structure can save the dye liquor consumption.
  • Winding Length: Automatic recording, pre-settable and controllable;
  • Turn Direction: Automatic turning based on the length or number of turns;
  • Time Control: Pre-settable and remind when work ends;
  • Pass Count Method: Automatically count number of passes;
  • Stop Method: User can preset the number of passes to stop;



Application of Atmospheric Jig Dyeing Machine 

Atmospheric Jig Dyeing Machine is specially designed to satisfy the requirements of testing dye formula before quantity production of dyeing and finishing enterprise. This apparatus simulates as nearly as possible the mechanism of production jigs’ requirements of speed, temperature, pre-tension, etc. of real production process. Compared with production machine, this Laboratory Jig Dyeing Machine’s size is smaller, consumes small quantity of dye, and with short testing process, so operator is easier to change dye formula, and finds suitable dye formula in a short time. Therefore this machine is well welcomed by many dyeing and finishing enterprise.

If you need more information about Jig Dyeing Machine , Please contact with us .

Key specification

Key specification of Atmospheric Jig Dyeing Machine

Roller length 595mm
Effective fabric width 500mm
Main roller diameter φ60mm
Batch diameter Max. φ200mm
Linear speed 3~9m/min
Tension range 0~7kg
Max. temperature 98oC
Temperature accuracy ±2oC
Heating method Electrical heating
Heating power ≤6KW
Dyeing trough capacity Max. 36L
Power supply AC380V, 50Hz, 3phase
Dimensions 1,090×800×1,020mm (L×W×H)
Weight 250kg

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Otto-Pricken Textilmaschinen GmbH & Co.KG is a medium-sized company based in Kempen / Germany. After several customer requests, they decided to develop a high-temperature Jigger for the laboratory. This makes them the only company in the world that offers high-temperature Jiggers for the laboratory sector.

Here is the features of their jigger dyeing machine:

  • Constant fabric speed (0-180m/min)
  • Constant fabric tension (0-150 kg)
  • No tailing and listing problems
  • Constant level control of the dye- bath
  • Temperature control (bath and service tank)
  • Frequency motor drive system
  • Controlled times of pendling and numbers of passages
  • Controlled speed and tension by loading/ unloading of fabrics
  • Fully automatic process run
  • Reduced consumption of approx. 28%

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