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High Temperature Jet Dyeing Machine QR630

5.0 (2 reviews)

High Temperature Jet Dyeing Machine also named HTHP Medium Batch Fabric Dyeing Machine which widely used dyeing chemical fiber fabric and yarn products with high color fastness and uniform dyeing. Dyeing process in textile industry is very important .FYI is jet dyeing machine Manufacturers and also supply fabric dyeing service.

High Temperature Jet Dyeing Machine QR630

QR630 Series High Temperature Jet Dyeing Machine is suitable to test the dyeing of fabrics; the design target of this machine is especially for the small quantities of fabrics.

Follows are High Temperature Jet Dyeing Machine specification :

  • Inner body of machine adopt corrosion-resistant stainless steel;
  • High-efficiency stainless steel centrifugal pump to provide optimal dye cycle;
  • Lifting roller driven by frequency inverter controlled motor;
  • Service tank equip with the feeding pump, valve, dye cycle system;
  • Level monitor equip with magnetic level indicator;
  • High efficiency heat exchanger;
  • Pneumatic valve for fill and drain function;
  • PLC control;
  • Fill dyestuff, stirring, heating up, fill water, drain water all can be carried out automatically.


Application of High Temperature Jet Dyeing Machine

High Temperature Jet Dyeing Machine is mainly used for high temperature and high pressure dyeing of various small flat fabric. The machine for knitted fabric or woven fabric, light fabric or thick fabrics all can achieve high efficiency, the dyeing effect of main circulation pump flow is large, rectangular nozzle, dyed fabric is completely package dyeing, fabric shipment smoothly and can eliminate specking, scratch dyeing defects, such as good levelness. Wash the overflow outlet with water, and float in the liquid surface every time the cloth is washed or pretreated, and can be discharged from the overflow outlet and save water. When dyeing finished, please don’t open the door of dyeing cylinder, unless both of temperature and pressure inside the dyeing cylinder are lower.

If you need more information about High Temperature Jet Dyeing Machine, Please contact with us .

Key specification

Key specification of High Temperature Jet Dyeing Machine

Model Capacity Power Dimensions (L×W×H)
QR630-1 1~2kg 4.0kw 1,200×1,000×1,600mm
QR630-5 4~6kg 5.9kw 1,400×1,170×1,800mm
QR630-15 8~15kg 7.7kw 2,450×1,050×2,060mm
QR630-30 20~30kg 9.3kw 3,750×1,200×2,200mm
QR630-60 40~60kg 11.2kw 4,600×1,400×2,650mm
QR630-120 80~120kg 11.2kw 6,200×1,700×2,650mm

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2 reviews for High Temperature Jet Dyeing Machine QR630

  1. Sean Kernan

    Really wonderful equipment! Please send me an email about the details. I’m interested in the size and price of the high temperature jet dyeing machine.

    • fyi-tester

      We have sent the email. Please check the mailbox.

  2. Yves Church

    Goods Received. Feels like professional quality. MUCH better than what we’ve been using for the past year that we paid more for

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