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Digital Jet Dyeing Machine QR500

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Digital Jet Dyeing Machine is also named Laboratory Jet Dyeing Machine which suit for atmospheric tension-free dyeing of tubular knitted fabric of lab equipment. It adopts microcomputer control technology, can set and store more than ten dyeing programs according to different dyeing processes.

Digital Jet Dyeing Machine QR500

Digital Jet Dyeing Machine is Equipped with Industrial Programmable Logic Controller to perform the function of constant speed and constant tension control . Uniform swing function and prevent liquid gathers lower side. particularly suitable for dyeing tubular cloth knitted by our DW0910S series lab knitter, to determine various filaments dyeing performance.

Follows are Digital Jet Dyeing Machine specification :

  • Suitable for 10~500 dtex polyester and nylon filament;
  • Can dye two 5~100m tubular cloths simultaneously, loading capacity is 2×1000g;
  • Microcomputer can set and store more than ten dyeing programs, each program including several segments, can be set according to different dyeing processes;
  • Fully automatic and accurate control for each step: heating, heat preservation, cooling, rinsing, etc. without any manual intervention;
  • The jet nozzle drives the dye liquor in the circulating tube to achieve uniform dyeing;
  • Totally enclosed type, no harm to environment and operator.



Digital Application of Digital Jet Dyeing Machine 

Laboratory Jet Dyeing Machine is specially designed to satisfy the requirements of testing dye formula before quantity production of dyeing and finishing enterprise. Digital Jet Dyeing Machine is well welcomed by many dyeing and finishing enterprise.

If you need more information about Digital Jet Dyeing Machine , Please contact with us .

Key specification

Key specification of Digital Jet Dyeing Machine 

Environment temperature 0~50℃
Liquor ratio 1 : 20
Bath capacity: 50L
Diameter of nozzle φ19mm, φ22mm, φ25mm, φ28mm, can be customized
Number of cycles 1~2 r/min
Cycling speed of sample 30~100 m/min
Heat exchanger: 3×3.5KW/380V
Circulating pump 0.37KW, 2800rpm
Power supply AC 380V 50Hz
Net weight Approx. 300kg
Dimensions: 160*80*140cm (L*W*H)

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    Are there any videos about the digital jet dyeing machine? I want to know if this is what I need.

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