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Small Fabric Knitting Machine DW0910S Series

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Small Fabric knitting Machine, also named Lab Knitter for yarn. Lab Knitter is mainly used in the manufactory of fiber. textile mill and dyeing and finishing and so on ,The small lab knitting machine is used for a combined use with lab dyeing machine to determine the dyeing performance of filament.


Small Fabric knitting Machine DW0910S Series

Small Fabric knitting Machine is used for a combined use with lab dyeing machine and dyeing affinity quality control of yarn.

Follows are features of Small lab Knitting Machine:

  • Suitable for single-side weft knitting;
  • Number of needles is selectable according to the yarn count. Please refer to the table below;
  • Initiative type yarn storage feeder enables positive feeding with yarn tension fluctuation less than 0.1g;
  • Adjustable rotation speed of cylinder;
  • Uniform fabric stitch density;
  • Adjustable fabric length;
  • Ergonomic touchpad control, digital display and easy operation (excl. DW0910S1).


Application of Small Fabric knitting Machine

Small Fabric knitting Machine is for the production of tubular knitted fabric for checking dyeing uniformity and evaluate dye affinity .It Equipped with one cylinder 3,1/2” diameter

Yarn Count (dtex) Number of Needles for Choice (N)
16.5~33 320
22~76 300
33~111 280
40~100 260
111~220 220 or 240
220~440 176 or 200
400~660 160
660~1000 120 or 140
Over 1000 96

The Reference Table for Choosing Number of Needles

If you need more information about Lab Knitter for yarn. please contact us.


Small Fabric knitting Machine standards

Key specification

Key specification of Small Fabric knitting Machine

Needle gauge 24 G (can be customized)
Applicable chemical fiber POY( DW0910S1)
POY, DTY, FDY( DW0901S2)
POY, DTY, FDY( DW0910S3)
Applicable fineness 6~300 dtex; 300~1000 dtex
Diameter of cylinder 3.5 inch
Rotation speed of cylinder 10~250RPM, adjustable
Number of needles 120~320N
(Please inform the yarn count before placing order)
Power supply AC 220V 50Hz
Gross weight 171kg
Package dimensions (L*W*H) 98*70*134cm

1 review for Small Fabric Knitting Machine DW0910S Series

  1. Perry

    A machine like this is a testament to human creativity and the power of invention.

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