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Air Jet Rapier Loom Machine DW698

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Air Jet Rapier Loom Machine, also named air jet machine or air jet textile machine which is used for test weaving fabric sample of cotton, wool, silk, hemp and chemical fiber in such units as weaving mill, scientific research institution, textile institute and foreign trade company etc.


Air Jet Sample Loom DW698

Air Jet Sample Loom is special designed for sampling, adopts air jet method. It’s necessary for developing weaving technical or quality control and widely used in field of teaching, producing, research, etc.

The specification offered by us includes 12”, 20”, 24” and 27”.  Gaiting sequence should be started from left end of reed. There are 20pcs of heald frames on DW698 Air Jet Sample Loom, among which, the front 2pcs are automatically controlled by system and are used for hank yarn and waste selvage. The third heald frame is the first piece of pegging plan, and so on. Therefore, pegging plan design can’t exceed 20pcs of heald frames. Each heald frame can install 280-300ends heald wires, during installation, please pay attention to direction of heald wire.

Follows are air jet textile machine  Specification :

  • Let-off : adopts step motor for active electronic , digital display control let-off is optional;
  • Take up: adopts step electronic machine for rolling with the weft density range from 1~1000 filaments/inch
  • Shedding: 20 pages electronic pneumatic-controlled mouth opening facility(including 2 page frames);
  • Beat-up: adjustable pneumatic beating lip. AC seno motor control cam beating-up


Application of Air Jet Rapier Sample Loom

Air Jet Sample Loom DW698 is composed of control part and mechanical part. Control part is controlled by PLC and working frequency controller. Mechanical part is composed of pneumatic element, approach switch and step motor etc.. Whole machine has such mechanisms as shedding mechanism, picking mechanism, beating mechanism, take-up mechanism, warp let-off mechanism, automatic weft selecting mechanism, weft stop motion and electrical control mechanism to finish fabric weaving. In addition to above-mentioned hardware, we provide software of sampling loom.

If you want to know more detailed about Air Jet Loom ,please contact with us.


Air Jet Rapier Sample Loom standards

Key specification

Key specification of Air Jet Rapier Sample Loom

Reed space 12inch, 20inch, 24inch
Color selection 1~6-color
Weft insertion Air jet
Shedding Positive type CAM shedding, shed frame up to 20 pages
let-off Actively let-off, two shaft or multi-shaft can be chose
take-up Electronic take-up, weft density 1~1000 filaments/inch
Beating-up Servo motor control, cam beating-up
Yarn count 5~500tex
Speed 30~60 weft/min
Air source requirement 630L/min
Weight(kg) 3000kg
Dimension(mm) 4332×1880×1730


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