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Sectional Warping Machine DW7140S

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Warping machine, also named Yarn warping machine or Sectional warping Machine, or Warper, it is sectional warping, which is a preparatory machine for yarn, prepare beam yarn for weaving.


Warping Machine DW7140S Description

Sectional Warping Machine working procedure : From the bobbin frame of bobbin yarn, after the guide bar, reed, guide rod, photoelectric automatic stop the broken ends, the lease reed, tentering reed, measuring roller and guide roller, winding to the roller down all the warp when the roller shaft with the rotation of the driving shaft by two point crossed by counterclockwise, then roll to the driving shaft.

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This is used for drawing yarns from bobbins to beams. The warp yarns can be drawn from the bobbins on the bobbin creel to pass forward through guide reed, then through guide bar, then pass around the measuring roller and wind on beams for use in looms.

Follows are features of the Machine:

  • Equipped with Infrared breakage sensor. The machine stops automatically when yarn breaks;
  • Two kinds of pan heads are available for choice.


Application of Warping Machine

Small size sectional warping machine is used for warping yarns from bobbins to beams for weaving.

Warping process: Yarn Warping Machine use yarn with ribbon winding on a whole drum of the machine, the guide for the bracket consists of a feed drive make it corresponds to a gradual increase in the thickness and scheduled the whole package of the data relative to the big drum and parallel movement, including the first yarn during the measurement process is composed of a roller under the condition of pressure testing, and the measured by the associated with the revolution of warping machine big drum displacement of record, and after the measurement process of the subsequent winding roller is back, and according to the one in the process of measurement and the average pressure on the package.

Our machine suit for Lab research and University while not for bulk production.

If you need more information about small size sectional warping machine, please contact us.

Key specification

Key specification of Sectional warping machine

Maximum diameter of pan head(A/B) 320mm/370mm
Total length of pan head (A/B) 305mm/305mm
Effective length of pan head (A/B) 277mm/270mm
Warping speed 55Y-780Y/M
Clamping method Pneumatic
Maximum warping number 2200Y/3800Y
Creel position 6
Maximum warping batch number 300


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