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Yarn Sizing Machine GA392

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Yarn Sizing Machine, also named Single yarn sizing machine or Slasher sizing machine, it is mini sizing machine, which is used to do sizing, drying and winding of the single yarn, so that meet the requirement of weaving process.


Yarn Sizing Machine GA392 Description

When the fibers are spun into yarn, the strength is lower and the feathers are more, which can not meet the requirements of weaving. In order to increase the strength of the yarn, reduce the hairiness, reduce the friction of the yarn surface, and reduce friction, the yarn should be slurry. The device for sizing the yarn is the yarn sizing machine.

FYI is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality yarn sizing machine which improve your fibers quality .

We provide high quality yarn sizing machine with reasonable price. Spare parts are all in readiness to avoid long delivery time when ordering.

Yarn sizing machine mainly applies to the yarn sizing of cotton, flax, silk, wool, chemical fiber, etc. It completes the sizing, drying and winding of single yarn to meet the requirement of subsequent process for the yarn on cone, therefore simplifies the production process of sample, expands sizing range and reduce the consumption of slurry and raw materials.

Follows are features of the machine:

  • Adopt single spindle control method to improve efficiency;
  • Adopt frequency converter or stepless speed controller for the drum motor in the drying chamber;
  • Yarn guide cylinder is traced by the servo;
  • High efficiency, easy and convenient to operate.



Application of yarn sizing machine

Yarn sizing machine is suitable for yarn sizing of cotton, flax, silk, wool, chemical fiber, etc. Mechanical part is composed of sizing system, feed system, drying system, yarn storage device, and winding device, etc.

With the gradual development of textiles to small batches, many varieties, fast delivery, etc., the traditional centralized sizing yarn machine is used, not only the production cycle is long, but also the waste of yarn is serious.

Yarn Sizing equipment has a compact structure, which can be used to finish sizing, drying, winding and molding of bobbin yarn in a single operation. It adopts the integrated design of machine, electricity and gas, the frequency conversion speed regulation, the closed-loop control slurry tank and the temperature of the oven, combined with the heat blower to ensure that the hot air can effectively and smoothly dry the yarn. It can effectively improve the quality of fiber yarn and improve the efficiency of weaving. Especially when the weft is processed, it can improve the tightness of the hem cloth and fabric. High efficiency (300 meters per minute), easy to operate and easy to operate. Only one worker can operate and save labor. FYI adopts the inverter speed governor of famous company and the Japanese temperature control system, which guarantees the reliability of the equipment. In the process of sizing, the tension of the yarn can be adjusted so as to ensure the sizing quality and the molding quality of the yarn. It is easy to clean the slurry tank and related equipment by using detachable structure.

If you need more information about yarn sizing machine, please contact us.

Key specification

Key specification of yarn sizing machine

Yarn range 5~500tex
No. of spindle 2, 4, 8, 12, 16 or 20
Speed 20~300m/min, depending on yarn type
Heating method Steam heating or electric heating (optional)
Power for each spindle 0.18kW for cabbage motor
0.75kW for yarn guide cylinder motor
1.8kW for drying room
Approx. 1.1kW for heat circulating motor
0.75kW for sizing pump motor
3kW for heater in sizing trough
Power supply AC380V 50Hz, three-phase
Dimensions 3100×850×1750mm (L×W×H) for 4 spindles; Length increases by 1900mm as number of spindles increase by 4, while width and height remain unchanged.
Weight 1100kg for 4 spindles



Q: How many meters or how many pounds of sizing can be done per spandle of 60 S Cotton
yarn per hour? 

A: The max. speed of GA392 SIZING MACHINE is 300m/min;According to our experience,the proper speed is 80-120m/min for 60S cotton. It is 4800-7200m per hour.


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