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Rapier Loom Machine DW598

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Rapier Loom machine, also named Fully automatic Weaving machine or Automatic weaving sample , Sample Weaving Loom is mini weaving loom, which is a new type sample loom, widely used in teaching and researching.



Rapier Loom Machine DW598 Description

The new generation of sample weaving loom with no shuttle loom, the key parts are imported. The length of the warp yarn and the shape and size of the shed are scaled by the new rapier loom machine, and the difference between the small sample and the batch product is solved. It is suitable for small sample test knitting and product development of cotton, wool, silk, hemp, chemical fiber and blended fabric.

FYI is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality automatic rapier sample loom which help customer to do sample test Knitting .

We provide high quality automatic rapier sample loom with reasonable price. Spare parts are all in readiness to avoid long delivery time when ordering.

Automatic Weaving loom is a new type sample loom in our Fast & Accurate Fabric Sampling System for teaching and researching. The key parts are imported with original packaging to ensure stable and reliable operation and it’s convenient to adjust the process parameters, making the samples consistent with the style of manufactured products.

Follows are features of Rapier  loom Machine:

  • Consists of control part (computerized control platform) and mechanical part (loom);
  • Weft inserting with rigid rapier, suitable for 7s~100s cotton, terylene/cotton, chemical fiber and other fabrics;
  • Stepper motor driving let-off device, automatically adjust warp tension;
  • Imported pneumatic control element, can control 20pcs heald frame at most, easy to mount and dismount heald frame;
  • Heald frame adopts die drawing aluminium alloy profile, with hard oxidation wear-resisting treatment;
  • Adjustable pneumatic controlled beating-up mechanism, large force and adjustable moment of force, suitable for fabrics of high count and high density;
  • Electronic control take-up mechanism driving by imported stepper motor and reducer, 10~300/inch of weft density.



Application of automatic rapier sample loom

Automatic rapier sample loom is used for sample weaving of various fabrics, such as cotton, wool, flax, silk, chemical fiber, blending, etc., in weaving mills, scientific research units, textile institutes and foreign trade companies.

The mechanical design of the machine is reasonable, with semi-closed and partially closed, beautiful appearance and safe operation.

Previous step motor winding and one: the original import distribution on both sides, and naked, now changed to focus on one side of the fully enclosed, pneumatic electronic control device is closed by bare instead, dustproof, reduce man-made fault, improve the service life;

Use the uninterrupted power supply system to ensure that the machine can continue to work in the case of power failure, and prevent computer files from losing and dying. Friendly Interface, easy to operate; The movement is coordinated and coherent without misoperation; The weft is uniform, faultless, with low filling rate.

If you need more information about automatic rapier sample loom, please contact us.


Key specification

Key specification of automatic rapier sample loom

Reed width 12 or 20 or 24 inch (optional)
Yarn density range 5-500tex
Speed 30~45 weft/min, adjustable
Color selection 8 color, full automatic, pneumatic control
No. of heald frame 4~20
Take-up Stepper motor control
Let-off Active electronic control
Shedding Computer control, pneumatic
Beating-up pneumatic control or servo motor driving
Weft insertion pneumatic control or servo motor driving
Air source Pressure 0.45~0.75MPa
Air consumption 530L/min max. (12”), 630L/min (20”, 24”)
Power supply AC220V, 50Hz

Our customer

Our customer

The University of Zagreb, Faculty of Textile Technology

The University of Zagreb, Faculty of Textile Technology, is an internationally recognized educational and scientific institution and a leading national and regional institution for higher education and research in the field of textile engineering, technology and fashion design. The Faculty of Textile Technology is recognizable for its innovations, which are the foundation for the transfer of knowledge to the economy essential for its development. Scientific and artistic research is focused on the needs of social and economic development, and the teaching process is aligned with the needs of the labour market and the society as a whole.



Q: Which software core is the PLC software based on? What about software upgrades later? Is it a remote upgrade?

A: The PLC is from Siemens, and PLC programs generally do not need to be upgraded.The software in the industrial computer can be upgraded remotely, just need to be connected to the Internet.

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  1. zack arenas

    The process is very smooth, high recommend for weaving farbics.

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