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Laboratory Knitter or sample knitter DW0910

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Laboratory Knitter, also named Lab Knitter or Small Circular Knitting Machine which is suit for the production of tubular knitted fabrics, for the yarn uniformity assessment and the dyeing affinity quality control of yarn. It also can produce beach bib and other outdoor recreational supplies after adding elastic materials.


Laboratory Knitter DW0910

Laboratory Knitter is the machine that produces unconnected underwear and special door fabric. In recent years, many fashion underwear is made of seamless fabric, and its products are popular with domestic and foreign markets. For the garment production enterprises, the cutting edge material is relatively small, the fabric utilization rate is higher, and the small round machine motor power is small, power consumption province, the production cost is greatly reduced.

Follows are features of sample knitter :

  • Suitable for single-side weft knitting;
  • Initiative type weft yarn feeder;
  • Roller type rolling device;
  • Frequency converter control motor speed;
  • Equipped with automatic oiling device;
  • With dust blowing device which drives by an air compressor (air compressor is optional configuration);
  • Manually adjust yarn tension, feed speed;
  • Gear system for cylinder;
  • Easy to operate.


Application of Laboratory Knitter

The circular knitting machine is a general used woof knitting machine. It adopts the closed multi-courses and has many functions. It is furnished with knit, tuck and welt. It can meet knitting market changing constantly. At the same time it has a good interchangeability and can produce all kinds of high-quality plain weave cloth, single pearl and double pearl mesh cloth, two-sided downy cloth and velvet. Adding the lycra device which can weave out various kinds of high elastic surface fabric. All the fabrics produced are applied to such field as clothing industry, shoes industry, medical treatment and decorating.

The main structure and function is as belows :

Yarn feeder section

There are two structures: one is roof type, th eother is console type. The main function is to place bobbin yarn so that when yarn comes out from cone, they will not interfere with each other


The IRO type is belt style. The yarn is gripped between the belt and the yarn feed wheel, and the yarn is moved forward simultaneously by the moving belt, so as to retain the uniform yarn input of each yarn feed inlet. But this type is not suitable to the machine whose yarn input of every yarn inlet is severely changeable in knitting, or the machine is equipped with the auto yarn exchange device. This type has following features:

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Laboratory Knitter standards

Key specification

Key specification of Laboratory Knitter

Needle gauge 24 G (can be customized)
Cylinder diameter 12 inch (can be customized)
Feeder 12 F (can be customized)
Machine output APPROX 35~120 kg/24 h
Speed 18~45 r/min
Motor power 1500W
Power supply AC 380V±5%, 50Hz (can be customized)
Dimensions 1200×1450×1750mm (L×W×H)
Weight approx. 400kg

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  1. Henry Lyly

    From its advanced features to its intuitive interface, this machine is simply outstanding. I can’t recommend it enough.

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