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calendering machines for textiles B-400

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Lab Calender is a kind of textile printing and dyeing and finishing equipment used in Laboratory . mainly with the development of fabric and additives formulations for cotton hemp .wool ,chemical fiber and blended fabric .

Lab Calender B-400

Lab Calender,also named Laboratory calender machine for textiles is final process of refinishing. In order to improve the finishing process of fabric luster, the surface of the fabric is flattened or rolled out with parallel fine oblique lines by using the plasticity of the fiber under the condition of heat mixing.

It is equipped with two rolls; upper nylon gravity roller and lower chrome-plate heating roll. It can produce different gloss & smoothness on fabrics by heating, friction and pressure. It can also be used to perform heat transform printing.

Follows are calendering machines B-400 specifications:

  • It is equipped with a pair of roller, the upper one is nylon roller which can resist temperature up to 180℃, the lower one is chromeplate heating roller which can let the fabric have different luster by heating, friction and press.
  • Hydraulic pressure module can make the lineal pressure up to 5T.
  • Euipped with emergency stop to protect the machine and operators.


Application of Lab Calender

This equipment is specially used for laboratory calendering finishing test .When working through friction can make the fabric produce different effects of gloss. For example, the steel roll to the steel roll, various kinds of carved roll to cotton roll or wool roll, etc

By adjusting the parameters of the corresponding, this machine can test almost all of the required effect on textile production, such as textile production with luster, high luster, soft, embossing, repeat embossing, imitation silk processing effects, such as non-woven production with correction, hot glue, smooth, etc.


Lab Calender standard

Key specification

Key specification of Lab Calender

Roll size Upper: Φ150×400mm
Lower: Φ150×400mm
Working speed 0~6m/min
Pressurizing method Max. 5T, applied by oil
Heat method Max. 180℃
Driving motor specification AC380V 3-phase 1.5KW
Max. power 6.2KW


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