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Leather Drum Dyeing GS serials

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Leather Drum Dyeing is an essential experiment equipment for modern leather production, and mainly used for small batch and multi-pieces test of various kinds of leather to obtain the best production processes, such as preparation, tanning, dyeing etc.

Leather Drum Dyeing GS serials

The single drum determines the processing technical for mass production mainly through the processing on the leather.The drum of leather drum dyeing adopts the German full-isolated pump heating & circulating technology, which heat the circulating medium (water) in the interlayer of the drum, and heat up leather liquid inside the drum;Drum rotation speed can be regulated steplessly by frequency converter;Full-featured single chip controller can perform forward & backward rotations, interval stops, stop operation , and forward & backward jogging operation;

Follows are  Leather Drum Dyeing Specification :

  • Temperature control system with high control accuracy and large temperature range, avoid temperature unstable during test;
  • Special designed drum door to let drain and take sample easy, and drain clean without any residual;
  • Tempered glass window to let test process visible, and resistance to mechanical impact, heating shock and being free from deformation or color changing;
  • Drum body use 316# stainless steel;
  • Use silicone rubber O-ring, resistance to high temperature ageing and chemical corrosion, no color fade;
  • Special designed anti-steam block loading hopper to avoid wounding by steam;
  • Chain & chain wheel transmission system is stable starting and low vibration, low noise and long service life at low maintenance cost.


Application of Leather Drum Dyeing

The experimental rotor drums (single drum and contrast drum) all adopt the cantilever type and the full isolation pump heat circulation heating technology or Model GLS cyclic heating technology.

The sequence controller plus frequency convertor of this machine make it possible of automatic rotation in positive and reverse direction, intermittent shutdown, forward / backward inching operation and the control of total operation time.

The temperature, humidity, rotating period, intermittent shutdown time, total operation time and shutdown time etc. can be set on Intelligent Control Instrument and the instrument is installed on the electric box.

If you want to know more detailed about Leather Leather Drum Dyeing,, please contact with us.


Leather Drum Dyeing standards

Key specification

Key specification of Leather Drum Dyeing

Drum size GS-D350: Φ350×150mm
GS-D800: Φ800×400mm
GS-D1000: Φ1000×500mm
GS-D1800: Φ1800×600mm
Volume of drum GS-D350: 14L
GS-D800: 150L
GS-D1000: 310L
GS-D1200: 560L
GS-D1800:1280 L
Load capacity (Leather cut) GS-D350: 1.5KG
GS-D800: 23KG
GS-D1000: 26KG
GS-D1200: 47KG
GS-D1800: 108KG
Motor power GS-D350: 1kW
GS-D800: 1.5KG
GS-D1000: 1.5KW
GS-D1200: 2.2kW
GS-D1800: 4KW
Heating power GS-D350: 2kW
GS-D800: 4.5KG
GS-D1000: 6 kW
GS-D1200: 6 kW
GS-D1800: 9KG

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