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The Ultimate Guide To Jet Dyeing Machine

The Ultimate Guide to Jet Dyeing Machine

Jet dyeing machine has become a very common dyeing machine because of its small area, high yield, save material, save electricity and save labor. It is a kind of batch dyeing machine.  This article aims to teach you everything you need to know about jet dyeing machine.

What is jet dyeing and jet dyeing process?

Before learning about jet dyeing machines, it is necessary to understand what jet dyeing and jet dyeing processes are. Jet dyeing belongs to fabric dyeing. It is often done in a high temperature and high pressure jet dyeing machine. Jet dyeing process is to use a pump to spray the dye to dye the rope fabric. As both the fabric and the dye are in motion, the contact between the dye and the fabric is increased and the evenness of dyeing is improved.

The machine for jet dyeing

Jet dyeing machine is commonly used for dyeing of knitted fabric. It is a high effect of dyeing equipment. This machine is suitable for dyeing synthetic fabrics of many varieties and small quantities. It is mainly composed of dyeing tank, ejector, distributing tube, heat exchanger and circulating pump.

The jet dyeing process involves the movement of the fabric and the movement of the dye liquid. Dye baths can be heated to extremely high temperatures, with a maximum temperature of about 135 to 140 degrees Celsius. Besides, It uses low bath ratios from 1:5 to 1:15.

Jet dyeing machine process

The fabric is connected head to tail when dyeing. Then the cloth guide wheel lift the fabric from the dyeing path.After that, the fabric driven by the liquid flow ejected by the ejector to advance in the cloth guide tube. And then it falls into the dyeing tank and is dipped in the dyeing bath in a relaxed bending shape, and moves forward slowly. At last, it is lifted again by the cloth guide roller for circulation. The dye is driven by a high-power pump, through a heat exchanger, and then speeded up by an ejector.

As the fabric passes through the venturi tube system, it is exposed to high concentrations of dye liquro. As a result, the master VAT is usually only partially filled. The fabric repeats this cycle until the fabric is completely depleted and gains color, at a rate of about one to two minutes per cycle. And the whole process will last about twenty to thirty minutes.

Types of jet dyeing machine

We can usually divide the jet dyeing machines into two types. One is atmospheric machine, and the other is high temperature and high pressure machine.

Atmospheric jet dyeing machine

Atmospheric jet dyeing machine is easy to use and is the most commonly used dyeing equipment for knitted fabrics. When dyeing, the grey cloth moves in the dyeing tank by the liquid flow and the weight of the grey cloth itself. The tension of the grey cloth is very small, and the dyeing product feels good. In addition, the batch is large, bath ratio is small. What’s more, the color is easy to be evenly dyed and the fabrc is not difficult to crease. The dyeing machine is easy to operate and is a good atmospheric pressure dyeing equipment. The video below shows the machine in action.

High temperature and high pressure jet dyeing machine

It is mainly used for high temperature and high pressure dyeing of various small flat fabric. The machine for knitted fabric or woven fabric, light fabric or thick fabrics all can achieve high efficiency, the dyeing effect of main circulation pump flow is large, rectangular nozzle, dyed fabric is completely package dyeing, fabric shipment smoothly and can eliminate specking, scratch dyeing defects, such as good levelness. Wash the overflow outlet with water, and float in the liquid surface every time the cloth is washed or pretreated, and can be discharged from the overflow outlet and save water. When dyeing finished, please don’t open the door of dyeing cylinder, unless both of temperature and pressure inside the dyeing cylinder are lower. Here is the operation video.

Jet dyeing machine specifications

The machine not only occupies asmall areab, but also has high yield, save material, save electricity and save labor. Different types of jet dyeing machines have different specifications. Our company supplies two types of jet dyeing machines. One is QR500, and the other is QR630.

QR500 for atmospheric

Digital Jet Dyeing Machine
Atmospheric Jet Dyeing Machine

This machine suit for atmospheric tension-free dyeing of tubular knitted fabric of lab equipment. It adopts microcomputer control technology, can set and store more than ten dyeing programs according to different dyeing processes. Here are its specifications.

Environment temperature0~50℃
Liquor ratio1 : 20
Bath capacity:50L
Diameter of nozzleφ19mm, φ22mm, φ25mm, φ28mm, can be customized
Number of cycles1~2 r/min
Cycling speed of sample30~100 m/min
Heat exchanger:3×3.5KW/380V
Circulating pump0.37KW, 2800rpm
Power supplyAC 380V 50Hz
Net weightApprox. 300kg
Dimensions:160*80*140cm (L*W*H)
atmospheric jet dyeing machine specifications

QR630 for high temperature and high pressure

High Temperature Jet Dyeing Machine
High Temperature Jet Dyeing Machine

High temperature jet dyeing machine is suitable to test the dyeing of fabrics. We often use it for the small quantities of fabrics. Here are the different specfications of different models.

high temperature jet dyeing machine specifications

Jet dyeing machine price

The price of atmospheric jet machine for dyeing is between 2500 to 5000 dollars. While the price of high temperature and high pressure machine is often between 4000 to 90000 dollars. It’s all depends on the specfications.

Our company is professional jet dyeing machine supplier and manufacturer. QR500 in our company sells for as little as $3,000. It is particularly suitable for dyeing tubular knitted fabric by our DW0910S series small knitting machine. The model QR630(A)-5 costs $15,000 due to it can dye fabric in high temperature and pressure. For more information about the price of jet dyeing machines. You can send email to [email protected] or [email protected] .

Development trend of jet dyeing machine

Low bath ratio with air injection system

The bath ratio of conventional jet dyeing machine is 1:5~1:10. While the bath ratio of this machine with pneumatic jet system can reach 1:3. The function of the air flow in the dyeing machine is to blow the dye into the nozzle in the form of steam flow mixture. So that the required volume of the dye can be greatly reduced. And the air flow can also blow the rope fabric, in order to achieve the best dyeing effect.

Improve the speed of the equipment

Modern more advanced some chemical fiber micro fiber fabric is used as raw material. Therefore, it’s necessary to  improve the machine production speed to deal with more and more thin fabric. Now the running speed of jet machine for dyeing can reach 100 m/min. So within 1 ~ 2 min, dyed fabric rope inside the equipment will be able to cycle at a time has become a development goal. In addition, the dyeing machine can also increase the number of dyeable rope fabric with a separate rope stacking device to improve the running speed.

Improve the automation of equipment

This automatic control including dyeing parameters (temperature, heating rate, etc.). And the control of automatic batching, special cleaning process control and so on. The purpose of adding automatic control is to get the best results for the treated fabric. That is to comfortably adjust the flow rate of the fabric, the speed of the shaft and the flow rate of the dye. The flow of the fabric and the proper regulation of the dyeing process will help reduce the number of washes. This is also a way to keep the fabric soft.

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