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Types Of Dyeing Machine

Types of Dyeing Machine

A dyeing machine is a equipment used for dyeing fiber, yarn and fabric to discolor a substance by chemical or other means. Under the condition that technology allows, we can make objects take on various colors that people need through dyeing. Then how can we classify different types of dyeing machine?

A Little Background on dyeing

Dyeing is a very ancient process. The earliest dyed flax fibers have been found in a prehistoric cave in the Georgia and dates back to 34,000 BC. (

It can be seen from the unearthed cultural relics that some natural dyes were used to dye in China, India and Egypt as early as in prehistory. Since Perkin invented synthetic dyes in 1856, people continue to study the dyeing principle of dyes. But many of the more effective basic research was after the First World War. It was only after World War II that synthetic fibers began to appear.

With the development of modern dyeing technology. You can choose from a variety of dyeing machines nowadays.

How Can We Classify dyeing machine?

Because of the wide range of use, we can divide dyeing machines into different types according to different functions.

  • According to the dyeing method: dip dyeing machine, roll dyeing machine, pad dyeing machine.
  • In the light of the dye form: fiber dyeing machine, yarn dyeing machine, fabric dyeing machine, garment dyeing machine.
  • On the basis of the dyeing temperature and pressure: atmospheric pressure dyeing machine and high temperature and high pressure dyeing machine.
  • Due to the operation mode of the equipment: intermittent dyeing machine and continuous dyeing machine.

In this article, we have listed and classified these types of dyeing machine as fiber, yarn, fabric or garments dyeing machine.

Fiber dyeing machine

This type of machinery is uesd to fiber dyeing. In fiber dyeing, the dyeing takes place at the fiber stage before they are spun into yarn. Fiber dyeing is the dyeing of fibers or bulk fibers prior to spinning. The fibers are placed in a large VAT and dyed at the appropriate temperature. Color – spun yarns are mostly dyed by loose fibers (or by different fibers). Wool top dyeing also belongs to fiber dyeing. It has the same purpose with bulk fiber dyeing, in order to obtain soft color mixing effect.

Continuous Loose Stock Dyeing Machine

In the case of continuous dyeing, the dye solution is applied continuously to the slurry on the pad dyeing machine and to the dye fixed to the steam engine. Then the material is washed and dried. Inventory of different colors is available for color mixing. Continuous loose strock dyeing machine is suitable for cotton and wool fibers.

Discontinuous Loose Stock Dyeing Machine

In the case of batch dyeing, the fibrous material is packaged in a perforated container through which the dye solution is forced to stain. Dyeing is not always evenly distributed. But this is irrelevant because the loose fibers are then dispersed in the spinning mill and mixed evenly.  So that the color ends up looking uniform. Discontinuous loose stock dyeing machine is also applicable for wool and cotton fibers.

Yarn dyeing machine

Yarn dyeing is the basic of dyeing. It refers to dyeing the yarn before weaving or knitting. The yarn dyeing happens in hanks or in package dyeing. Cotton yarns are mostly dyed at package form, and acrylic or wool yarn are dyed at hank form.

Hank dyeing machine

Put the loose hank yarn dip in a special dye vat. A pump or mechanical device to circulate or agitate the dye so as to obtain a uniform dye. The hank dyeing machine is suitable for dyeing hank yarn of various materials. Such as wool, artificial wool, artificial cotton, linen, cotton and its blended yarn.

Package dyeing machine

Package dyeing machine also named bobbin dyeing machine. Bobbin dyeing involves winding yarn on a bobbin with a hole in it. Then a lot of bobbins are put into the dyeing cylinder, and the dyeing liquid circulates. The fluffiness and softness of the product are inferior to hank dyeing.

Bobbin Dyeing Machine
Bobbin Dyeing Machine

Fabric dyeing machine

Fabric dyeing is a method which we can dye various of fabrics. The fabrics are produced by undyed yarns. Sometimes we call it piece dyeing. Fabric dyeing machine suit to dye most of the solid dyed fabrics.  

Jet dyeing machine

Jet dyeing machine is an intermittent dyeing equipment with high effect. Which is applicable for dyeing synthetic fiber fabrics of many varieties and small batches. It is optimally used for the dyeing of knitted fabric. Also see: The Ultimate Guide to Jet Dyeing Machine

High Temperature Jet Dyeing Machine
High Temperature Jet Dyeing Machine

Jigger dyeing machine

Unlike jet dyeing machines, jigger dyeing machines are more suitable for woven fabrics. We often use it at atmospheric pressure and normal temperature. Besides, jigger dyeing machine is the few forms in which material remains in motion and liqour stationary. Click to know more details.

Jigger Dyeing Machine
Jigger Dyeing Machine

Winch dyeing machine

Winch dyeing machine and jigger dyeing machine have same process, with the fabric moving and the dye liquor standing still. The winch dyeing process has a high specific liquor ratio of around 1:20 to 1:40. And it can be lengthy in time.

Beam dyeing machine

Beam dyeing machine is originally used for warp dyeing. However, It is more applicable for loose fabric, especially for open width dyeing of synthetic warp knitted fabric now.

Garments dyeing machine

Garment dyeing machine is suitable for small batch, special varieties of garment dyeing. Such as knitting socks, T-shirts and most of the knitted clothing, sweaters, pants, shirts and some simple garments. What’s more, it has the characteristics of flexible, convenient and fast.

Garment Sample Dyeing Machine
Garment Sample Dyeing Machine

Lab dyeing machine

The dyeing machines list above are most used in factories for large batches of dyeing. And there is another machine for small batches of dyeing, that is the lab dyeing machine. These types of dyeing machine produce more accurate lab sample dyeing with level and re-producible results with a low liquor ratio for diverse fibers. It is applicable for various materials, such loose fibers, yarn and pieces of fabric.

lab dyeing machine
lab dyeing machine

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