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Different Types Of Fabric Dyeing Machine

Different Types Of Fabric Dyeing Machine

Fabric dyeing machine, as its name implies, is a textile dyeing machine that specializes in dyeing fabrics. According to the different dyeing objects, dyeing methods can be divided into garment dyeing, fabric dyeing, yarn dyeing and fiber dyeing. As the most widely used fabric dyeing, it is very important to have a basic understanding of fabric dyeing machine.

Two methods of fabric dyeing

Dip dyeing

We can also call dip dyeing as exhaust dyeing. Put the fabric into the dye liquor and wait a certain period of time. Then the dye is dyed and fixed on the fiber of the fabric. That is the dip dyeing process. Dip dyeing is suitable for dyeing of various forms. And it is widely used in the dyeing of materials that can ont wishstand tension or compression. This method is batch production, and the production efficiency is low. 

Pad dyeing

The fabric is briefly dipped in the dye liquor, and then squeezed into the tissue voids of the fabric with a paddle. The excess dye liquor is squeezed and removed, so that the dye liquor is evenly distributed on the fabric. And then it is steamed or baked to combine the dye and fiber to complete the dyeing process. It belongs to continuous production and has high production efficiency.

Fabric dyeing machine

According to the dyeing method, fabric dyeing machine can be divided into two types. That is dip dyeing machine and pad dyeing machine.

Dip dyeing machines are mostly suitable for knitted fabrics, wool fabrics and silk fabrics, including rope dyeing machines, overflow dyeing machines, jet overflow dyeing machines and so on. Continuous pad dyeing equipment is suitable for dyeing woven fabric. There are jigger dyeing machine, beam dyeing machine and star frame dyeing machines.

Dip dyeing machine 

1、Winch rope dyeing machine

The shape of the winch rope dyeing machine varies slightly according to the amount of cloth. And the shape with a large amount of dyed cloth is generally flat and wide. The entry and exit of the fabric into and out of the dyeing machine requires manual operation, resulting in low output.

winch dyeing machine
winch dyeing machine

2、HTHP winch rope dyeing machine

HTHP winch rope dyeing machine is short for high temperature and high pressure winch rope dyeing machine.The basic structure of this machine is similar to the winch rope dyeing machine. But it can be sealed and pressure-resistant. It can operate under high temperature and high pressure conditions or under normal temperature and pressure. It is suitable for various dyes and fabric varieties, and the steam consumption is low.

3、HTHP overflow dyeing machine

In the HTHP overflow dyeing mahcine, the fabric is circulated by the active guide roller and the overflow of dye liquor. During the dyeing process, the fabric is in a relaxed state. What’s more, the tension is small, the dyeing is uniform, the color is bright, and the product feels soft. We mainly use it for the dyeing of synthetic fiber warp knitted, weft knitted fabrics and elastic fabrics. It can be used for high temperature and high pressure dyeing. And it can also be used for normal temperature and normal pressure dyeing.

4、HTHP jet dyeing machine

High Temperature Jet Dyeing Machine
High Temperature Jet Dyeing Machine

HTHP jet dyeing machine is usually equipped with a program control device, which can control the time, temperature rise and fall, etc. according to the predetermined process. The difference between it and the overflow dyeing machine is that the rise of the fabric in the overflow dyeing machine is driven by the active guide roller. While in the jet dyeing machine, the rise of the fabric is driven by the jet of dye liquor from the nozzle. Therefore, the tension of the fabric is smaller, the force on each part is more uniform, and the dyed object feels softer.

This type of fabric dyeing machine can be used for high temperature and high pressure dyeing, as well as atmospheric dyeing. It is suitable for dyeing synthetic fiber knitted fabrics, warp knitted fabrics, crepe light fabrics and elastic fabrics.

5、HTHP jet overflow dyeing machine

HTHP jet overflow dyeing machine is developed on the basis of jet dyeing machine and overflow dyeing machine. There are both overflow devices and injection devices in the machine. Compared with the overflow dyeing machine, the fabric is subject to less tension, the dyeing bath ratio is small, the circulation speed of the dye liquor and dyestuff is fast, and the levelness is good, but it is easy to generate a lot of foam. Compared with the jet dyeing machine, the operation is simpler.

Pad dyeing machine

1、Beam dyeing machine

Beam dyeing machines are mostly used for dyeing knitted fabrics, less woven fabrics, and some light and thin woven fabrics are sometimes used.

2、Starframe dyeing machine

Starframe dyeing is suitable for the dyeing of fabrics that are not resistant to padding (such as velvet) and easily scratched fabrics (such as silk fabrics). Similar to star frame dyeing machine, there are square frame dyeing machines, pressure bar wheel dyeing machines, hanging dyeing tank dyeing machines, etc.

3、Jigger dyeing machine

A pair of cloth winding rollers are installed on the dyeing tank, and the active and passive ones are determined by the speed-adjusting gear box. At the same time, with a certain tension, the fabric passes through the dye liquor through the cloth guide roller, and is wound on another cloth winding roller (active cloth winding roller). This operation is called once.

Jigger lab dyeing mahcine
Jigger lab dyeing mahcine

Ordinary jiggers are open, and consume a large amount of steam, which affects the workshop environment. When the dyeing temperature is high, the temperature on both sides of the fabric on the jigger is different from the middle temperature, which is easy to cause color difference in the edge.

4、Continuous pad dyeing machine

Continuous pad dyeing machine is suitable for large batch dyeing processing. And it has high labor productivity. The process is mostly used for cotton woven fabrics and polyester-cotton blended fabrics.

Due to the different dyeing process and conditions of various dyes, there are various pad dyeing machines. Such as vat dye suspension pad dyeing machine, insoluble azo dyes continuous pad dyeing machine, reactive/disperse dyes, vat/disperse dyes continuous pad dyeing machine and so on.

Benefits of Fabric Dyeing Machine

  • When using fabric dyeing machine, colors are rich and we control the intensity of the color.
  • We can dye fabric to our specifications when using fabric dyeing machine.
  • There are a variety of dyes to choose from including plants.
  • We can add patterns and effects in a variety of ways with simple techniques and tools.
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