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The difference between Infrade Dyeing machine and electrical heating dyeing machine

Dyeing is an important part of weaving. So laboratory staff will choose the right formula and then dye it in large quantities. Today we will introduce 2 dyeing machine for laboratory. Thus you can know more about it


How does the Sample dyeing machine work ?

There are many beakers in the dye machine. Dye liquor and sample are placed into the beakers. Insert beakers into the dye machine; The dye machine heat beakers to a required temperature and hold the temperature for a specific time;While being heated, beakers also rotate in the machine;Dye liquor and sample in each beaker are mixed at a specific temperature for a specific time.In this way, the sample can be colored.

After a specific time, beakers are cooled down by forced air to room temperature.

And then beakers can be removed out of the dye machine.

There have RHS-24 IR dyeing machine and ACCDYER-24 LAB DYEING MACHINE

Difference 1: The heat method of RHS-24 is to produce IR by heating rod enclosed in the machine; IR heats flowing heat inductive sand enclosed in rack. Beakers are inserted into the rack, so the flowing heat inductive sand induces heat onto beakers to heat them.

The heat method of ACCDYE-24 is to use electric heating tubes to heat flowing heat inductive oil enclosed in rack. Beakers are inserted into the rack, so the flowing heat inductive oil induces heat onto beakers to heat them.

In this way, ACCDYE has high heat induction efficiency and can save energy and cost.

Difference 2: ACCDYE has less fault rate than RHS-24.  You can know more detailed specification difference as belows :

Difference of lab dyeing machine

It will be help for Lab staff to select the correct model for their lab sample dyeing . More and more customer like to use electric heating dyeing machine will not to use IR dyeing machine even electric heating dyeing machine price is higher than IR dyeing machine .

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