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What is Bobbin Yarn Dyeing Machine? How does Bobbin Yarn Dyeing Machine work ?

What is Bobbin Yarn Dyeing Machine?  

Bobbin yarn dyeing machine DW202B is the basic equipment of the drum yarn dyeing machine. Mainly suitable for dyeing pure cotton, polyester cotton, polyester fiber, polyester wool, nylon, nylon, cotton, wool yarn yarn and zipper. With various types of yarn holder, different yarn can be dyed, such as bobbin yarn, skein yarn, warp yarn and loose wool.

1.2 Professional Technology of Bobbin Yarn Dyeing Machine DW202B

DW202B/241B Bobbin yarn dyeing machine  is a yarn dyeing machine designed for lab use with high temperature and high pressure. It can be applicable for cotton yarn,

polyester yarn, wool yarn etc.

Feature is as belows :

  • With stainless steel structure, the outer surface is treated with spray and the inner surface is treated with pickling and passivation.
  • Main components are from Europe, Korea and Taiwan, such as Siemens, JELPC, etc
  • Air is equipped with an automatic temperature control system.
  • The coating is suitable for proofing various kinds of yarn.
  • Pressure for DW202B-21B, equipped with automatic water intake and drainage;
  • Vertical cylinder type: vertical cylinder.
  • Open the cover way: manual open the cover, manual open the cover and pressure relief linkage, play a role of safety protection.


1.3  Some questions about Bobbin yarn dyeing machine ?

1 Question :

Do we need any additional air compressor, any equipment for gas pressure? We talk about electrical heating type machine.

Answer : —- As for cone dyeing machine, we recommend steam heating since you are factory. As for electrical heating, the heater is consumable, it has lifetime, maybe one year, the heater has to be replaced by new every year. If steam heating, please prepare steam at your side, you can use our cone dyeing machine for long time without any problem. The air compressor is requested, it is 0.6~0.7 Mpa.

  1. Question

How hard should be water for use? I suppose it is ph level? What’s the water consumption for dyeing?

Answer :—-Our customer use tap water, then prepare the dyestuff by themselves. The water consumption is determined by the liquor ratio and dyeing process. Let me give you example, if liquor ratio is 1:10, it means 30kg cone yarn, 300kg water.

  1. .Question:
    Where should we put dyes and chemicals in your machine? Which of 2 models 202b or 241b has less water and chemicals consumption?

Answer:—- According to our experience, if your material is pure polyester, DW202B is ok. The difference between DW202B and DW241B is as below:

DW241B is suitable for cotton dyeing, it has one dyeing cylinder and one service tank, the dyeing liquor and cone yarn are put inside the dyeing cylinder, as the dyeing process of cotton is complexed, so we need to add dyestuff from service service tank when dyeing, maybe 3~5 times. With service tank, it is easy to add the dyestuff.

DW202B is suitable for pure polyester, it has only one dyeing cylinder, there is no service tank. Put dyeing liquor, cone yarn and dyestuff to the dyeing cylinder, then set the program to do dyeing. There is no need to add dyestuff when dyeing.

Of course, the dyeing method upgrades everyday, kindly confirm whether you need to add dyestuff when dyeing.


  • How to Maintenance bobbin yarn dyeing machine ?
  1. General preventive measures

As a minimum requirement, maintenance personnel must be qualified and have experience in managing the operation of high-temperature dyeing machines, and also must:

  • Know exactly how to control the dyeing machine;
  • Know exactly the function of each switch and button and its control function on the valve and the meaning of each signal generated;
  • Know exactly how to decompress the machine;
  • Know exactly how to cool down the dye liquid under normal and urgent situations.

Only when:

  • Be sure the maintenance work is safe,
  • The liquid in the dye cylinder has been drained,
  • The temperature of the dyeing cylinder is in the range of normal temperature,
  • All valves have been closed,
  • Power, compressed air, steam source and water source have been closed,
  • Taking all necessary preventive measures required by the dyeing factory management and local government.

Maintenance personnel can carry out maintenance of the dyeing machine. Otherwise, maintenance work is strictly prohibited.

  1. Routine maintenance

Only those who are familiar with the operation of the machine can carry out routine maintenance.

  1. Summary

It is suggested that users should carry out the maintenance plan regularly according to their normal maintenance schedule.

Generally, a dyeing machine contains the following main components, which need to be maintained regularly (Only applicable to the components installed on the machine):

①Circulating pump

②Feeding pump

③Main electric cabinet or switch equipment

④Pneumatic control panel

⑤Gear motor

⑥Belt transmission mechanism

⑦Pneumatic piston

⑧Pneumatic or manual ball valve

⑨Pneumatic or manual disc valve

⑩Sealing ring or gasket A of movable door

⑪Pneumatic diaphragm valve

If you need more information about bobbin yarn dyeing machine theory or price ,please send email to [email protected].

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