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How Does Mini Dryer Stenter with Steam work ?

General Description

HMD360 Mini dryer/Stenter is suitable for drying, fixing, and curing fabric samples after dyeing or impregnating without or with low humidity contents up to 25%.

1.2  How to operate the Mini dryer  

According to the arrow direction of the circulation fan power supply is connected to ensure correct wiring, grounding line

  1. Connect to the water supply;
  2. Switch on the main power switch;
  3. Press “FAN START” button(2) to start the fan;
  4. Set the steaming time (about 8 minutes);
  5. Set the target temperature (about 103℃);
  6. Switch on the heating switch(4);
  7. Switch on the steam switch(1);
  8. After the set temperature has reached, the device has already produced steam  (about 20 minutes after the steam switch is switched on), press stop button(7) to open the drawer.
  9. Fix the sample cloth on the needle plate frame;
  10. Put the needle plate in the drawer(If there is condensation water hanging on the edge of the drawer, please wipe the water and then put the needle plate frame in);
  11. Switch the “STEAM” knob (5) to AUTO position;
  12. Press “RUN” button to push the drawer into the machine body, and start to timing.;
  13. When the steaming time is over, the drawer will pop-out automatically; take down the sample cloth;
  14. Switch off the “STEAM” switch (1), and switch the “STEAM” knob (5) to MAN position.
  15. Press “STOP” button to pull the drawer on the half-open position;
  16. In order to reduce humidity of the chamber, switch off the “HEAT” switch (4) in 30min;
  17. In order to low the temperature of the chamber, press “FAN STOP” button after 30min of switch off “HEAT” switch to stop the fan;

1.3  Advance of  the HMD360 Mini dryer with Steam

For HLD3642 Min dryer/Stener , the built-in steam generator persistently produces steam. And the volume of the drying chamber is fixed, if the steam in the drying chamber does not reach the saturated state, more steam will enter the drying chamber; if the steam in the drying chamber reaches the saturated state, and excess produced steam will overflow. In this way, we consider the steam in the drying chamber is saturated and the relative humidity is 100%. But there are not sensor and display of the relative humidity.

For MHD360 Mini dryer/Stenter, there is a relative humidity sensor and controller on the machine. When the set temperature is not more than 180℃, you can set the relative humidity on the controller. The controller will control the built-in steam generator to reach and maintain the set relative humidity value. In other word, you can set the relative humidity as 100% on the controller and the machine can monitor the relative humidity value in the drying chamber if the temperature in it is not more than 180℃. The relative humidity sensor can only be used in the environment in which the temperature is not more than 180℃. If the temperature in the drying chamber reach more than 180℃, the relative humidity sensor in it should be removed out. At this moment, the relative humidity value in it can not be controlled and monitored. The relative humidity sensor for MHD360 is designed to be easily moved out. It means if the machine is equipped with relative humidity sensor, the relative humidity of steam is controllable and more accurate. The relative humidity of steam is very critical to the fixing result, especially in color difference.

If you need more information Mini dryer/Stenter price and theory , please send email to [email protected].

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